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Tech Tip Save Battery

Tech Tip: Modify laptop power settings for longer battery life

Gone are the days of the domination of desktop computers as laptop and mobile computing has become more popular than their predecessor. One of the main advantages of a laptop is that you can use it on the go and it’s battery life determines how long this convenience can last without needing an external power source.

Tech Tip: VLC media player plays various video formats

When it comes to playing videos on your computer VLC media player is a popular option due to its wide support for various video formats out of the box. Unlike other media players, including those that come bundled with your computer, it can play most common digital video formats without the need to download additional video codecs.

Google Alerts TEch Tip

Tech Tip: Follow topics of interest with Google Alerts

Your time is precious and it is difficult to follow all the topics that interest you with so much information available on the web. Google Alerts can help you by sending email alerts when information about the topics you choose become available.

Tech Tip: Google Forms

Tech Tip: Gather data with Google Forms

Google Docs is well known for its online word processing and spreadsheet capabilities but it can also be used to quickly gather data from friends or coworkers. Google Forms allows you to create basic forms and save responses in either a spreadsheet or as a text file that can be downloaded.

URL Shortener

Tech Tip: Use a URL shortener to share long links

There are many instances when you would like to share a website link with someone else. You might come across something interesting, informative or entertaining but the original link may be long and not very presentable.