Tech Tip: Modify laptop power settings for longer battery life

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Laptop Battery SettingsGone are the days of the domination of desktop computers as laptop and mobile computing has become more popular than their predecessor. One of the main advantages of a laptop is that you can use it on the go and it’s battery life determines how long this convenience can last without needing an external power source. Fortunately you can tweak your laptop’s power settings to conserve your battery. This tip shows you how to change power settings in Windows 7 but the process is similar for other versions of Windows.

  1. Battery IconClick the battery icon in the taskbar and click on  More power options . Alternatively, click on the Start button then click on the Control Panel. You can find Power Options in the Systems and Security or Hardware and Sound section of the Control Panel.
  2. In the Power Options window  click on Change Plan Settings to modify your power settings.
  3. In the Edit Plan Settings window you can modify settings for when your laptop is on battery power and when it is plugged in. The lower your display brightness and power saving settings the longer your battery life will be. Set these settings to the lowest levels you are comfortable with  on battery to maximize the amount of time you can use your laptop without it being plugged in.



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