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Tech Tip: Follow topics of interest with Google Alerts

Google Alerts TEch Tip

Google AlertsYour time is precious and it is difficult to follow all the topics that interest you with so much information available on the web. Google Alerts can help you by sending email alerts when information  about the topics you choose become available. Think of it as your own personal assistant doing Google searches for you and emailing relevant results to you so that you do not have to waste time doing the searches yourself.

You can get email notifications any time that Google finds new results on a topic you’re interested in. For example, you could get updates about a product you like, find out when people post content about you on the web, or keep up with news stories. – How Google Alerts Work

You use Google Alerts the same way you use a normal search engine by entering a search term. You then enter your email address so that results will be emailed to you. By clicking on the Show options link you can configure the frequency of these emails, limit the sources of information, choose language and region, and choose whether you want to receive all results or only the best ones. Finally, simply wait for the alerts to start coming to your email in accordance to the options you set.

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