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Tech Tip: Monitor your social and website activity with Cyfe

Cyfe IconSocial media is such a popular channel for marketers that many businesses are looking to benefit from a simpler way to monitor activity on various social networks. The same can be said for monitoring website statistics for website developers. Cyfe provides a customizable dashboard of useful information from many different popular online services that can satisfy both groups.

You can use Cyfe’s configurable widgets to get an overview of metrics for networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Webmasters can also benefit from metrics from Google Analytics, Alexa, Chartbeat and many other services.

You will have to grant Cyfe the permission to access information from the various services that you want it to be connect with. You can also separate your widgets by dashboards to group related widgets together. If you are looking for an all-in-one overview of metrics for social media or website  analysis feel free to give Cyfe a try.


Last Updated on July 26, 2014 by Nathan Vidal

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