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Tech Tip: Edit photos online

By SeizerStyle Designs Team,

Find out how to edit images online

No matter how great a photo is, there is a high chance that you will eventually want to modify it. You may need to resize a photo, crop it or modify it as you repurpose it for another project. Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular image editing options . It is effective and powerful but it’s also expensive. Not everyone requires the large array of features Photoshop offers. At almost $240 USD for an annual subscription, the casual photo editor is justified for seeking alternatives. One option is to edit photos online if you don’t need all the features of Photoshop regularly.

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2017 Calendar – Blue Band

By Nathan Vidal,

2017 Calendar Blue Band

As we say goodbye to 2016 we also welcome 2017 with our Blue Band 2017 calendar. This year instead of a collection of different calendars we have designed only 1 calendar with 2 country specific variations.

Blue Band has a cool theme with gentle curves.This signifies the hope for a smooth transition through the challenges of 2017. A darker shade of blue acts as the background for the header, left and right edges of the calendar. Lighter shades of blue add accents to their darker counterparts. A graded background gently becomes lighter while moving down the calendar.

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2016 Calendar Collection

By Nathan Vidal,

2016 Calendar Collection

Welcome in the new year with our 2016 calendar collection. These calendars highlight all the public holidays in Dominica for 2016. The phases of the moon throughout the year are also indicated. All calendars are free to download, print or use electronically. Feel free to share with friends and family.

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SeizerStyle Designs 2015 T-Shirt Concept A

By Nathan Vidal,

Jan 2015 DOTM

Design of the month: January 2015

SeizerStyle Designs 2015 T-Shirts

Carnival costumes are not the only kind of branding catching our attention at the moment. We thought this time of year was the ideal time to redesign our company t-shirts and this first concept demonstrates the direction in which SeizerStyle Designs branding is heading. A compact design shows that you do not have to be wordy in order to get a message across. The front of the shirt focuses on brand recognition by highlighting our new compact logo and slogan. The back of the shirt highlights the traditional full SeizerStyle Designs logo along with contact information.

5 signs that you need to update your business logo

By Nathan Vidal,

5 Signs You Need To Update Your Logo

Logo IconYour business logo is one of the most important graphics that your company will use. It is a visual representation of the company that should send the desired message to the general public. A good logo embodies the spirit and vision of the business and associates it to the core values of the company. Many businesses ignore the logo design process and select a quick and easy solution instead. Is your business logo up to par? Here are 5 tell-tale signs that you need a new business logo.

1. You have no business logo

Not having a business logo may seem like an obvious sign that you need one but many businesses can operate for years without one. Some simply use their business name in whatever font suits the occasion. Others may simply promote their products and services without a logo. While this may work it negatively affects brand recognition and also makes brand imitation that much easier.

2. Your logo is made with clip art

Clip art is great for adding visuals to documents or presentations but do not do so well as a logo for a business. Due to the fun and comedic nature of clip art the image it potrays does not suit every business. Furthermore clip art does not look professional and can be easily recognized as unoriginal by anyone who uses clip art regularly.

3. Your logo is complicated and does not scale well

Cramming too much information or details into a logo can make it impossible to decipher at smaller sizes. This is even more egregious in an age where mobile devices are so popular.  Can your logo be used in your letterhead or be printed on the pocket of a shirt and still be immediately recognizable? Complex logos also take longer for the brain to process and are more difficult to remember.

4. Your logo is not unique enough

A logo does not have to be extravagant or an art masterpiece. It has to be a well thought out representation of your brand. As such, it should differentiate your brand from the competition and identify your business. If your logo is too similar to that of another company it can cause confusion and may also land you in legal trouble for infringing on someone else’s trademark.

5. Your logo is constantly misinterpreted

Some logos may be designed with one concept in mind but may actually look a lot like something else. The business owner may not recognize the depth of the similarity but the public most likely will. This can lead to embarrassing comparisons if the logo resembles something offensive. If your logo is constantly mistaken for something totally unrelated to your business it may be time for a change.

Isle Cloud 2014 Black Friday Special Ad

By Nathan Vidal,

Isle Cloud 2014 Black Friday Special

Design of the week (November 23 –  29, 2014)

ISle Cloud Black Friday 2014 Sale


To celebrate Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday Isle Cloud is offering 20% off all sign ups for website hosting from Thursday November 27 to Monday December 1 inclusive. Isle Cloud is a subsidiary of SeizerStyle Designs with its own individual identity and branding. As such, this advertisement  alludes to exactly what the company does with a server rack in the background of the design. The special offer is highlighted at the top of the ad with details following. The Isle Cloud logo is flanked by a call to action and a decorative description of the reason for the special offer.

Design type: Static Ad

Client: Isle Cloud

Designer: Nathan Vidal

nathvibe 2015 Shockwave Calendar

By Nathan Vidal,

nathvibe 2015 calendar - Shockwave

Design of the week (November 9 – 15, 2014)  nathvibe 2015 Shockwave Calendar

nathvibe 2015 Calendar - Shockwave

This calendar successfully merges the simplistic nature of the nathvibe brand with its edgy more unpredictable side. Using a colour scheme based on the logo of the brand and a high contrast design, this calendar is easy to read while separating the year into distinct thirds. This is an example of displaying personality in a calendar where design elements intentionally overpower descriptive text.

Design type: Calendar

Client: nathvibe

Designer: Nathan Vidal

SeizerStyle Designs November 2014 Promotional Poster

By Nathan Vidal,

Design of the week (November 2 – 8, 2014)  SeizerStyle Designs  November 2014 Promotional Poster

SeizerStyle Designs November 2014 Poster

This promotional poster brings the services that SeizerStyle Designs offers to the forefront. Placed on a scenic landscape background, each service is housed in its own circle with emphasis on website design services. These circles join to each other displaying the integrated nature of the services SeizerStyle Designs offers.  The design  also brings back the iconic green bands that have been associated with the brand before to symbolize environmental awareness.

SeizerStyle Designs 2014 Independence Sale

By Nathan Vidal,

2014 Independence Sale

Design of the week (October 26 – November 1, 2014)  SeizerStyle Designs 2014 Independence Sale Ad

2014 Independence Sale Ad

In commemoration of Dominica’s 36th Independence celebration SeizerStyle Designs is offering a 36% discount on all website and graphic designs throughout the month of November. To bring this message out our 2014 Independence Sale Ad has a madras backdrop with our special offers logo at the centre of the design. The different details about the sale are then dispersed in the 4 quadrants of the design. To find out more about this sale feel free to contact us.