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Find out how to edit images online 0

Tech Tip: Edit photos online

Adobe Photoshop is largely considered the industry standard of photo editing software but not everyone requires the large array of features Photoshop offers. Many casual photo editing tasks can be done without purchasing the $500+ software package; without purchasing or installing any photo editing software for that matter.

2017 Calendar Blue Band 0

2017 Calendar – Blue Band

The 2017 Blue Band Calendar is SeizerStyle Designs’ official 2017 calendar. It comes in 3 flavours: Regular, Dominica and US versions.

Jan 2015 DOTM 0

SeizerStyle Designs 2015 T-Shirt Concept A

Carnival costumes are not the only kind of branding catching our attention at the moment. We thought this time of year was the ideal time to redesign our company t-shirts and this first concept demonstrates the direction in which SeizerStyle Designs branding is heading.