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Tips on using computers, other technology and devices.

Chrome differentt profiles

Tech Tip: Use different profiles in Google Chrome

The latest version of Google Chrome allows you to manage multiple identities directly from the browser window. The advantage of this method is that different users can use the same browser without interfering with each other’s settings or tabs.

Tech Tip: Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts with TweetDeck

Tech Tip: Manage multiple Twitter accounts with TweetDeck

Anyone who uses Twitter for business may have a separate account for work and personal use. If you do social media marketing you may even be in charge of several Twitter accounts. TweetDeck is a useful tool for managing multiple Twitter accounts on the web via a single intuitive user interface.

Tech Tip: Manage Podcasts with PlayerFM

Tech Tip: Manage Podcasts with Player FM

Podcasts offer you the option of listening to discussions on topics of interest at your convenience. You simply subscribe to the podcast you are interested in and can get an update whenever a new podcast is published.