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Chrome plugins

Tech Tip: View and control plugins in Google Chrome

As useful as our browsers are in giving us access to content on the internet they are not as useful without plugins. Some websites will not function properly, or have limited functionality, without specific plugins installed.

Design of the week (June 22 – 28, 2014)

Tech Tip: Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool

Having a copy of Windows 7 available in the event that you need to reinstall your operating system can be a lifesaver. With the Windows 7 USB/ DVD download tool you can make an ISO copy of Windows bootable on either a DVD disc or a USB drive.

FIFA World Cup 2014

Tech Tip: Follow all the action of World Cup 2014

The most prestigious tournament in the world of football (soccer) is taking place in Brazil this year. If you are interested in the World Cup and want to keep updated on your favourite team’s progress there are many options for you.

Power Off PC

Tech Tip: Shut down your PC periodically to install updates

We know that there are benefits of hibernating your computer instead of shutting down, but shutting down periodically does have its benefits. Many critical Windows updates require you to restart your computer so that system files that are currently in use can be updated.