• Using web analytics to understand your website performance

    Using web analytics to understand your website performance

    Creating a website is a great first step in developing your online presence. What’s next though? How do you ensure that you’re achieving your goals? Web analytics is a vital tool for any website owner to gauge website performance.

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  • Cyber Monday 2022 Sale

    Cyber Monday 2022 Sale

    Enjoy 25% off SeizerStyle Designs’ digital solutions for 2022 during Cyber Week. From Cyber Monday you can request a quote to save 25% off a wide variety of services.

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  • Keeping Content Updated

    Keeping Content Updated

    The content of your website is one of your most important digital assets. It informs your visitors about your business, brand or cause. To maximize the usefulness of your website, you need to have content that is relevant to your visitors, and you need to keep your content updated. Visitors like to see activity on…

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  • Choosing an effective website domain name

    Choosing an effective website domain name

    One of the most important tasks in creating a website is choosing a domain name. A domain name is your website’s user-friendly address on the internet.

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  • Use content to attract repeat visitors

    Use content to attract repeat visitors

    Content is one of the most important aspects of a website but too often it can be overlooked with attention instead being diverted to design and layout decisions. Some balance has to be reached in order for your website to be effective and make an impact on your target audience.

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  • 2020 Invest In You Promotion

    2020 Invest In You Promotion

    SeizerStyle Designs is offering our 2020 Invest In You promotion to help get your business online. We recognize the many disruptions that the coronavirus pandemic has caused and the associated uncertainty. We also recognize that adversity breeds creativity and many people will emerge from this situation with ideas for improving existing businesses or starting new…

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  • Find your niche & embrace it

    Find your niche & embrace it

    Running a successful business is hard work. Creating the product or delivering the service you want to sell is one challenge, but actually getting a steady stream of customers is quite another. This is a challenge that should be addressed in the early stages of business development through research and in your business plan. However,…

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  • Building back better

    Building back better

    It is a challenge to suddenly change a successful routine. However, a crisis forces you to shift perspectives and reshuffle priorities. The adjustment can be arduous and momentum lost is difficult to regain. Nevertheless, it is a necessary step for progress and recovery – for building back better. This progress can be painstakingly slow but…

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  • Tech Tip: Edit photos online

    Tech Tip: Edit photos online

    Adobe Photoshop is largely considered the industry standard of photo editing software but not everyone requires the large array of features Photoshop offers. Many casual photo editing tasks can be done without purchasing the $500+ software package; without purchasing or installing any photo editing software for that matter.

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  • Jump-start your content marketing

    Jump-start your content marketing

    Content marketing can be intimidating. If writing content is not part of your core business you may be reluctant to get started. How can content marketing benefit you? What content can you produce? The answers to these questions depend on your brand and your business.

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