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Tech Tip: Edit photos online

By SeizerStyle Designs Team,

Find out how to edit images online

No matter how great a photo is, there is a high chance that you will eventually want to modify it. You may need to resize a photo, crop it or modify it as you repurpose it for another project. Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular image editing options . It is effective and powerful but it’s also expensive. Not everyone requires the large array of features Photoshop offers. At almost $240 USD for an annual subscription, the casual photo editor is justified for seeking alternatives. One option is to edit photos online if you don’t need all the features of Photoshop regularly.

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Tech Tip: Try out Vivaldi web browser

By Nathan Vidal,

Try Vivaldi Web Browser

Vivaldi - A browser for our friends ( browsers have come a long way since their inception. First, we have moved from an era of a single dominant web browser to one of many formidable choices. Secondly, there are now a plethora of browsers focusing on speed and standards compliance. If you are searching for an alternative to common web browsers such as Chrome or Firefox try Vivaldi web browser. Vivaldi is a Chromium based browser created by one of the creators of the popular Opera web browser.

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Tech Tip: Rename Browser Tab Title

By Nathan Vidal,

Rename Tab Title

We expect websites to provide useful titles that are descriptive and add context to our web browsing activities. To be fair, many do. However, the more tabs you have open the less real estate you have for titles. If the company name precedes the page title the problem is even worse. There are also times when you simply want to customize the text displayed on your tab. Wouldn’t it be great if you had the option to rename the browser tab title to something more useful? With extensions for Firefox and Chrome you can freely edit the title of your browser tabs.

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Tech Tip: Try Firefox Developer Edition

By Nathan Vidal,

Firefox Developer Edition

Firefox Developer EditionFirefox Developer Edition is a browser specifically for web developers. It is a few versions ahead of the standard Firefox version and contains some experimental features. It is a 64-bit browser with a few differences from its more popular counterpart. It’s a useful tool for both web designers and developers.

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Tech Tip: Opt-out of Google Analytics tracking

By Nathan Vidal,

Google Analytics Featured

Google Analytics Opt-OutWebsites use various methods to gather statistics about visitors in a process known as web analytics. This allows website owners to monitor the performance of their  website over time. While this is a useful feature which helps  website owners tailor content to better suit the specific needs of visitors there may be some visitors who do not want their  visits to be tracked or more specifically not want their visits to be tracked by companies with large stores of data such as Google.

Google Analytics is one of the most popular web analytics tools out there and we use it to analyze our website traffic and discover what is working and what needs to be improved on our own websites. While we do not share visitors’ personal information, not everyone wants to be tracked by Google Analytics due to privacy concerns or just personal preference. Fortunately there is a way to opt-out of  tracking from Google Analytics on all websites with a browser add-on.

If you do not want your visits to be recorded on websites that contain the Google Analytics tracking code you can download the official Google Analytics opt-out add-on. The add-on is available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari and Opera. This solution works not only for our websites but also for any other website that uses the javascript Google tracking code.

While we utilize web analytics to gain information about or website visitors and learn how to better serve them we also believe that their privacy is of utmost importance. If you do not want to be tracked by websites using the Google Analytics tracking code this solution may be ideal for you.

Tech Tip: Use Buffer to curate and share content on social media

By Nathan Vidal,


Buffer ScreenshotSocial media marketing can be overwhelming for anyone pressed for time or anyone that is not able to post to social media sites at the ideal times. Buffer is a great app for finding and sharing content on social media sites that can simplify your social media marketing.


Using Buffer you can  utilize predefined times to post to social media websites or create your own. Then you can add both original and curated content to a queue to be posted automatically at the relevant time. You can also manually rearrange the order of items in the queue.


Another great thing about Buffer is that it offers suggestions of curated content that you may be interested in sharing. You can easily add desired content to your queue to be posted at a later time.

Getting Started

You can sign up for Buffer by creating an account using your email address or by associating it to a Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn account. The free version of Buffer restricts you to only one account per network while you can connect up to 10 in the paid version. The free version also limits you to 10 posts in your queue while the paid version raises this limit to 100.


Buffer is available on the web from the Buffer website or as an app for Android and iOS. You can also download the buffer extension for Firefox or Chrome to be able to add content from any site you are visiting to your buffer queue via a Buffer button in the browser.

Reserve your free copy of Windows 10

By Nathan Vidal,

Reserve Windows 10

Windows 10 IconWindows 10 will be released on  July 29,  2015 and qualifying owners of Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 can reserve a free copy of Microsoft’s new operating system. If you own an eligible device you may have already noticed a Get Windows 10 app prompting you to reserve your free copy of Windows 10. The offer is valid until July 29, 2016. When Windows 10 is available it will be automatically downloaded and you will be prompted to install the upgrade.

Features of Windows 10

  • The Start Menu is back
  • New Microsoft Edge browser
  • Snap up to 4 apps on the desktop
  • Cortana personal assistant

Tech Tip: Compare antivirus solutions

By Nathan Vidal,

Antivirus Solutions

ANtivirus SolutionsYou may know that your computer needs antivirus software but choosing from the large number of options may be daunting. To help make the decision easier you can check out how some of the most popular antivirus software fare in comparative independent tests. If you are looking for a free antivirus solution you can compare the results of only the free programs. Some sites that offer comparative analysis of antivirus software are:

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Tech Tip: Stop “Local Items” keychain prompts on Mac

By Nathan Vidal,


Mac ScreenOne of the most annoying things that can happen when you start up you Mac is to be prompted repeatedly for a keychain password for various  applications. This sometimes happens after you have changed your login password. To make matters worse the password that these applications request is the previous one and not the most recent password.

The solution to this problem can be found on Apple’s support website. It requires you to delete a folder in the location ~/Library/Keychains/ which has a long alphanumeric name. After you have deleted this folder you should restart your Mac immediately. This should prevent the problem from reoccuring on subsequent logins.

Tech Tip: Tame an unwieldy Outlook Inbox with Rules

By Nathan Vidal,

Outluke Rules

Email is one of the most popular and widely used forms of communication for both internal and external communication within businesses. If you get only a few emails in a day this may not be a huge task to manage but if you get hundreds of email messages a day it becomes a lot more daunting. Organization can play a great role in minimizing the amount of time you spend sorting through emails. If you use Outlook for business emails you can set specific rules to organize your email by specific criteria. … Continue reading