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Tech Tip: Edit photos online

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Find out how to edit images online

No matter how great a photo is, there is a high chance that you will eventually want to modify it. You may need to resize a photo, crop it or modify it as you repurpose it for another project. Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular image editing options . It is effective and powerful but it’s also expensive. Not everyone requires the large array of features Photoshop offers. At almost $240 USD for an annual subscription, the casual photo editor is justified for seeking alternatives. One option is to edit photos online if you don’t need all the features of Photoshop regularly.

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Tech Tip: Look out for 2012 Cyber Monday Deals

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Cyber Monday 2012If you missed out on Black Friday sales you can still look out for Cyber Monday sales on Monday 26 November 2012. Cyber Monday occurs on the Monday after the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday when many companies offer deals to encourage online shopping.

Below are a list of online stores where you can find special promotions on consumer electronics on Cyber Monday 2012.

Amazon Cyber Monday deals

Best Buy Cyber Monday deals

Gamespot Cyber Monday Specials (check this page on Cyber Monday)

Walmart Cyber Week deals

Tech Tip: Find official movie trailers online

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The Internet Movie Database (IMDB) is a great place to find information about upcoming movies. This includes a plot summary, list of cast members and of course trailers. IMDB offers high definition trailers for many popular upcoming movies.The best part is that you do not have to wonder whether the  trailers are official  or authentic since the site is very reputable. Since the trailers are high quality they may take a little longer to load than regular YouTube videos though.

Tech Tip: Find Alternative Software

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Alternative Software BoxSometimes you just want t try something new or you don’t have access to your favorite software. What do you do? There are actually many capable alternatives to most of the programs we commonly use if we are willing to take time to get over the differences and get used to them.

AlternativeTo is a website that lists recommended alternatives for the program that you search for. For example, searching for “Microsoft Word” would yield results of alternative word processing applications.

Osalt is another website that provides suggestions of alternative software. This website restricts its results to open source software though. If you are a fan of open source this is where you can search for free replacements to commercial software.

Next time you are fed up with a program or just need a change try out an alternative. You might actually like it and save yourself some money and hassle by switching.

2013 Calendar Series: Calendar 1 – Loud!!!

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Here is the first in our series of 2013 calendars, freely available for download. This calendar is named “loud!!!” and is bright and musically inspired. Included at the bottom of this calendar are the public holidays for 2013 in Dominica.

This calendar fits on one US letter sized page in landscape orientation (11″ x 8.5″). The electronic copy is a 1650px x 1275px jpeg.

Download 2013 Calendar loud!!!

We also do a lot of custom calendars commercially and can include your pictures, logos or brands including calendars that span multiple pages. These calendars can be delivered to you electronically so that you print at your convenience. To find out more information about our calendar offerings please request a quote.

SeizerStyle Designs Newsletter – October 2012

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SeizerStyle Designs Newsletter

October 2012 Newsletter

Throughout the month of October we have made decisions aimed at improving our service offerings. We have come up with a brand new set of website design categories. We have also implemented a new formal contract arrangement that all clients will be migrated to by the end of 2012.

Website Design Plans

SeizerStyle Designs Website Design PlansWe have revamped our website design plans to better reflect the diverse needs of our clients. Our website design plans are separated into four categories:

  • Personal – for individuals
  • Non-Profit – for non-profit organizations such as clubs or charities.
  • Small & Medium Businesses – for any for profit business that is not a major corporation.
  • Corporate – For large businesses such as corporations with multiple branches

Within relevant categories are further subdivisions to better reflect a price that matches your needs. Stay tuned for further developments in our pricing plans in the months to come.

New Client Contracts

SeizerStyle Designs ContractWe are currently working on new contracts for all of our website design clients. These new contracts are aimed at protecting all parties and ensuring that all terms and conditions of a specific job are fully documented.  All deliverables, terms of payment and content ownership  issues will be clearly articulated in these new and improved contracts.

Our goal in implementing this improved policy is to help keep our clients informed of our responsibilities to them as well as their responsibilities to the success of their projects. New in these contracts are specific termination clauses that indicate the procedure necessary for either party who wishes to terminate  the contract and the remuneration/refund required.

This initiative is a part of our work to more transparency and better information dissemination to our valued clients. It will help clients who have personnel changes and ensure that the funds required for a project are clearly stated before the start of the project. Clients can expect to be migrated to new contracts before the end of the year.


Happy 34th Anniversary of Independence Dominica

By SeizerStyle Designs Team,

SeizerStyle Designs Dominica Flag

SeizerStyle Designs would like to wish all Dominicans a happy and fruitful Independence Day. With the theme Partnering for further progress and development we would like to encourage continued and improved unity and cooperation among our people. Enjoy the Independence celebration wherever you are safely and responsibly.

Tech Tip: Download Statusbar for Firefox

By SeizerStyle Designs Team,

Download Statusbar Add-on for Firefox

One of Firefox’s greatest strengths is that it is extremely customizable with add-ons. This allows you to change the look and function of various parts of the browser. Download Statusbar is an alternative to the traditional Downloads window in Firefox.

Instead of having downloads open up in a new obtrusive window, this popular add-on allows you to track downloads in a convenient status bar at the bottom of your browser window. You can see the progress of your downloads without leaving the page you are currently browsing. This is a great option if you enjoy a minimalist browser experience. The add-on can be set up so that it is hidden when not in use and only becomes visible when downloads are active.

Tech Tip: Block individual game invitations on Facebook

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Turn off annoying Facebook notificationsYou may find it annoying that friends always invite you to play games you are not interested in on Facebook. While there may not be any way of preventing all future game requests, you can stop particular games from sending you invitations.

Next time you receive a game request notification simply click the notification globe icon. Next hover your mouse over the top right corner of the undesired notification. An “x” should become visible with the caption “Turn Off” . Click on this “x” and you will be presented with an option to turn off notifications for the particular game. While this may not be the best solution it does help if you receive annoying requests for the same games over and over and you have no desire to play them.

Tech Tip: Wait for computer to fully boot before using it

By SeizerStyle Designs Team,

Wait For Computer to BootWe all know the temptation to start clicking as soon as we see our desktop wallpaper and icons appear on our computer screen. It is best to wait until all startup programs are loaded before trying to use your computer though. Even after the desktop is displayed your computer may still be loading programs in the background as evidenced by the spinning hour glass mouse cursor. If you try to open programs while the computer is doing this you are actually giving the CPU more work to do and could make the program you are in a hurry to run startup even slower.

If your computer is loading too slowly you can always manage startup programs with CCleaner. In any case it is best to be a little patient and wait for your computer to completely finish booting before you start running programs.