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Tech Tip: Try Firefox Developer Edition

Firefox Developer Edition

Firefox Developer EditionFirefox Developer Edition is a browser specifically for web developers. It is a few versions ahead of the standard Firefox version and contains some experimental features. It is a 64-bit browser with a few differences from its more popular counterpart. It’s a useful tool for both web designers and developers.

Standard Firefox vs Firefox Developer Edition


The default theme for Firefox Developer Edition is different than  Firefox’s default. It is darker and more minimalist. The default toolbar buttons are also slightly different. The web developer button is included by default on the Firefox Developer Edition toolbar. This provides easy access to web developer tools.

Web Developer Tools

While Firefox includes some web developer tools, they are highlighted in the Developer Edition. Some developer tools included in Firefox Developer Edition include:

  • Page Inspector – examining HTML elements and their associated CSS styles.
  • Web Console – logs webpage network requests, security errors and warnings.
  • JavaScript Debugger – identify errors in javascript by stepping through code.
  • Style Editor – edit the stylesheet of a page directly from the browser.
  • Performance Tools – view memory usage and measure your website’s responsiveness.
  • Network Monitor – see network requests, network request time and other request details.
  • Responsive Design View – see how your website would look at various resolutions of popular mobile devices.

Performance Boost

Since Firefox Developer Edition is 64-bit it can  take advantage of the capabilities of modern processors. Performance increases may be most noticeable in resource intensive web applications such as games and apps.

Remember Firefox Developer Edition is beta software. It is not intended to be  a casual browser. It is for those who are unafraid to experiment. Use it to test out new features before the general public if you fit that criteria.

Last Updated on April 24, 2017 by Nathan Vidal

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