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Tech Tip: Rename Browser Tab Title

Rename Tab Title

We expect websites to provide useful titles that are descriptive and add context to our web browsing activities. To be fair, many do. However, the more tabs you have open the less real estate you have for titles. If the company name precedes the page title the problem is even worse. There are also times when you simply want to customize the text displayed on your tab. Wouldn’t it be great if you had the option to rename the browser tab title to something more useful? With extensions for Firefox and Chrome you can freely edit the title of your browser tabs.

Rename browser tab title in Firefox

To rename a tab title in Firefox you first need to download the Rename Tab Title Extension. This add-on does not require you to restart your browser before it starts working. The changes you make to the tab title will last for your session but will not be saved when you restart your browser. The instructions for use from Mozilla Add-ons site are as follows:

Right Click (on the web page) -> Select Rename Tab Title or Shortcut (Cmd/Ctrl + e)
You’ll get a popup, enter the new title.
Press Enter.

Rename browser tab title in Firefox

Rename browser tab title in Chrome

To rename the tab title in Chrome you need to install the RenameTab Extension from the Chrome  store. This extension does not require that you restart your browser and adds a button your Chrome toolbar to rename the current tab. The author of the extension describes it in the Chrome web store as follows:

This extension lets you change the title of the current tab to something more descriptive. You can even ‘lock’ a title to a tab, even if you navigate to a different page! Please note that this will not work well on websites which dynamically change the tile of the page, or only change parts of the page while navigating (e.g Facebook), or if you type a new URL in (but I’m trying to find a way around the last one)

Rename browser tab title in Chrome

Last Updated on April 24, 2017 by Nathan Vidal

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