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Happy Holidays 2011

SeizerStyle Designs wishes all our readers, customers and friends happy holidays. Have a Merry Christmas (if you celebrate it) and enjoy the festive season in safety and comfort. If you are unable to spend time with family and friends in person we hope that social media can help you keep in touch nevertheless.


Follow us on Twitter @seizerstyle

We encourage everyone interested in  SeizerStyle Designs to follow @seizerstyle on Twitter. Remember that you can also like our Facebook page at We hope to have a lot of interaction and share a lot of information through social networking. Stay tuned for exclusive deals and offerings from the SeizerStyle Designs  Network. The center of our online operations will always be our website and blog, but we are embracing the advantages and reach of other...

Regular Computer Maintenance 0

Regular Computer Maintenance

SeizerStyle Designs is more commonly known for our websites and graphics offerings but we also  offer a wide range of computer services. We all experience computer problems from time to time and these can be annoying and time consuming. This is why it is important to check your computer regularly for any lurking problems. We can help by troubleshooting  and cleaning your computer to get rid of viruses, spyware and start up programs. For more...

2012 Calendars Coming 0

2012 Calendars Coming

We are planning to have some 2012 calendars out for the end of September. This year we will be creating a wider variety of calendars than ever before. Do you have a specific design you would like us to try? Interested in a custom calendar? Comment and let us know!


SeizerStyle Designs Turns 7

SeizerStyle Designs has been online for 7 years as at June 11, 2011. The years have rolled past and we have made much progress as well as faced many challenges. We are, however, still here and are thankful for all our clients and supporters. To commemorate our 7th birthday here are 7 improvements and projects we have been considering and will be implementing: New contracts for clients explicitly specifying the services they are entitled to...

Long Awaited Blog Update 1

Long Awaited Blog Update

SeizerStyle Designs Blog has finally been updated after a long hiatus. The design has been changed to better match the company site at It has also been modified to fit into our social media strategy which includes a presence on Facebook and Skype. SeizerStyle Designs News headlines are also syndicated here as we continue to increase integration within our sites. Much consideration was taken as to whether this blog was even necessary. In the...


2011 Strategies

SeizerStyle Designs has decided to take on a lot of new strategies in 2011 to help the public know more about what we do, why we do it and how we do it. Firstly we are expanding our presence to include social networking sites, this blog and primarily our website We will be working to put up regular content on these sites and keep them active so stay tuned. We will also be launching...

Haiti Earthquake Crisis 0

Haiti Earthquake Crisis

Our prayers and support are with the people of Haiti in the aftermath of the tragic earthquake on January 12 and the subsequent aftershocks. Despite the massive humanitarian efforts that have been mobilized in the past week, many Haitians are still suffering, dying and living in fear. These conditions are having a devastating effect on an already impoverished nation which has been ravaged by natural disasters in recent years. There are numerous ways of supporting...


Measurable & Realistic Goals 2010

This is usually the time of year where everyone gets caught up with resolutions and goals. It is also the time of year where everybody is hyped, focused and confident of  successfully making changes. Although this is a good thing we too often make unrealistic goals or soon get bogged down in other things and forget about our goals until the next year. This year instead of taking stock annually we will plan to take...