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Long Awaited Blog Update

SeizerStyle Designs Blog has finally been updated after a long hiatus. The design has been changed to better match the company site at It has also been modified to fit into our social media strategy which includes a presence on Facebook and Skype. SeizerStyle Designs News headlines are also syndicated here as we continue to increase integration within our sites.

Much consideration was taken as to whether this blog was even necessary. In the end it was decided that this is a valuable, informal avenue to communicate ideas that do not directly fall under the scope of our business activities. It is also a good place to post updates specifically tailored for SeizerStyle Designs current and potential customers. Granted we haven’t maximized the use of this blog in the past, we now intend to utilize it for exclusive deals and as part of our push to be a more multimedia company.

The ability for feedback on this blog was also a huge factor in deciding to not only keep but upgrade it. We appreciate your feedback and always encourage interaction. Even with our new Facebook page this Blog will still serve a purpose especially for  longer updates and things that need in depth explanations. We would also welcome your suggestions and comments. So we’re back to try to reignite this site which fits nicely with our other SeizerStyle Designs products now.

Last Updated on July 16, 2015 by Nathan Vidal

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