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SeizerStyle Designs 2009 Plan of Action 0

SeizerStyle Designs 2009 Plan of Action

This year before laying out a new set of goals we will be carrying forward our goals of 2008. These were: Utilize all our assets Forge meaningful alliances Experiment in transparency Considering that our tag-line is “always improving” it would be unrealistic to limit our commitments to a calendar year. In any case none of these goals were satisfactorily accomplished. As a result this year we will be taking into account the inevitable distractions and...

We Endorse Open Source 0

We Endorse Open Source

As a small business the price of software can be daunting. So much so that many use pirated software. Even if the software is not pirated some may find themselves in violation of the vendor’s restrictive licensing policy. Free Alternatives With the increasing popularity of open source software, alternatives to proprietary software are becoming more readily available. Most of these programs also have the advantage of being cross platform meaning they can work on multiple...

Dual Booting Problem Resolved 1

Dual Booting Problem Resolved

A couple months ago I wrote about how Windows wouldn’t boot but linux would. Back then I said I was waiting for Ubuntu 8.04 to be released before I tackled the problem and now I believe I have a better understanding of what happened and how to resolve similar problems in the future. The Problem When installing Ubuntu Linux I installed GRUB (a linux bootloader) to the Master Boot Record (MBR). This was not a...

Slight Hike In Domain Registration Price 0

Slight Hike In Domain Registration Price

Today I was renewing a domain name with GoDaddy when I came across this notice On April 5, 2007, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN®) approved a price increase for the .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO and .BIZ registries, which we strongly disapproved of and did our best to oppose. This increase in our cost has affected the renewal price for the related TLDs purchased prior to September 26, 2007. In accordance with...

Windows Won’t Boot But Linux Will 1

Windows Won’t Boot But Linux Will

Update: Dual Booting Problem Resolved On my PC I dual boot with Ubuntu Linux and Windows XP, but last week my Windows setup crashed. While in Windows I got an error saying some files were corrupted and could not be read which advised me to run chkdsk (checkdisk is a Windows disk checking utility). That was the last time I was able to log into Windows since. All attempts so far have ended up in...

SeizerStyle + 2008 = Fire Straight 2

SeizerStyle + 2008 = Fire Straight

Happy, New Year! We are into another year of challenges, accomplishments, joys, sorrows and surprises. Knowing this, it would be futile going into 2008 without a set of objectives. Therefore, for 2008 it is our intention to bring you “fire straight” meaning exciting new projects, a positive outlook and a much more aggressive marketing strategy than last year. Our first order of business for the year is to utilize all our assets. This would include...

Welcome To SeizerStyle Designs Blog 0

Welcome To SeizerStyle Designs Blog

Welcome to the SeizerStyle Designs Blog. Hopefully this blog will allow us to communicate better with our clients and visitors as well as sharing stuff that interests us. We look forward to your comments.


Happy 27th Independence Day Dominica

Today, November 3, 2005, is Dominica’s 27th Independence Day. SeizerStyle Designs wishes every Dominican a happy Independence Day whether you’re in Dominica or abroad. Independence Day is the last major activity culminating over a month of Independence celebrations. These include numerous cultural shows and events.


Restructuring Pt. 1

So far this year we have seen SeizerStyle Designs expand into new avenues with mixed results. With this expansion we have to consider some restructuring and reorganization. Our focus should be on providing the best services for our customers and clients while keeping our commitment to our various other community efforts. Sometimes the two conflict with each other. As a result of this interesting challenge  we are going to make some changes. We have already...


1 Year Of SeizerStyle Designs – Expansion Begins

Today, Saturday, 11th June 2006 is exactly one year since was officially launched. To commemorate this event we have done some restructuring and expansion. First of all we have launched two sub sites: SeizerStyle Projects and SeizerStyle Music at and  respectively. This will allow these departments to operate independently and allow to be more focussed on business and designing. SeizerStyle Projects is an expansion of the projects we previously hosted at...