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SeizerStyle Designs Turns 7

SeizerStyle Designs has been online for 7 years as at June 11, 2011. The years have rolled past and we have made much progress as well as faced many challenges. We are, however, still here and are thankful for all our clients and supporters. To commemorate our 7th birthday here are 7 improvements and projects we have been considering and will be implementing:

  1. New contracts for clients explicitly specifying the services they are entitled to and the cost and duration of this entitlement.
  2. Transparent, easy to understand website analytics reports for clients.
  3. Special offers rewarding new and existing clients for referrals.
  4. Social networking campaigns and exclusive special offers.
  5. Hustle Forever entertainment brand.
  6. Advertising options for clients.
  7. Multimedia projects including video and audio editing.

Last Updated on July 18, 2015 by Nathan Vidal

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