Design of the week (June 30 – July 6, 2013) Hustle Forever Wallpaper

Featured Design: Hustle Forever Wallpaper

Hustle Forever Wallpaper

Hustle Forever Wallpaper B

The Hustle Forever wallpaper showcases the Hustle Forever logo alongside the nathvibe logo at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Follow the conversation using the hashtags #WeDoThings and #HustleForever on social networks.

Hustle Forever (black & red) Wallpaper

Hustle Forever (white & yellow) Wallpaper

Hustle Forever is a brand promoting the philosophy of hard work and creativity rather than the “fast money” lifestyle stereotypically associated with hustling. It emphasizes a commitment to the discipline and perseverance necessary to achieve goals. The tag line “we do tings” reinforces this philosophy of doing something legitimate in an effort to change negative circumstances. This includes, music, sports, education, art and other productive endeavours. Next time you are faced with a challenge you need to overcome remember to #hustleforever.

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Tech Tip: Track time spent on projects with Yast

Yast logo

Update: May 5, 2019 – Yast has been discontinued as at May 1, 2019.

Freelancers who charge a billable rate need to record hours of work spent on particular projects. This can be difficult with distractions and interruptions that result in inaccurate estimations of the actual time spent on the project. YYast is a time tracker that aims to eliminate this problem.

Yast allows you to create projects and start and stop the timer as needed. The time spent on the project begins recording when you press the start button and is stopped when you press the stop button. A timeline is also used to display the current time and time spent on different projects (which are colour coded).

Yast comes in 3 versions – personal, business and enterprise editions. The personal edition is free but offers limited features. Though you can track billable hours, you cannot add your billable rates in the personal edition nor can you get full reports. The business and enterprise versions add these features with the business version costing $14 USD per user month.. Full pricing and feature differences can be found on the Yast Pricing page.

Even with it’s limitations the personal version of Yast is a great way of keeping track of time spent on projects. The ability to quickly start and stop the timer allows you to be more accurate and being able to edit times via the timeline ensures that you can make changes to correct any errors. There are also mobile versions of this app available for iPhone and Android.

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Design of the week (June 23 – 29, 2013)

Featured Design: Ashena’s Acrylic Gift Certificate

Ashena's Acrylic Gift Certificates

Design type: Gift Certificate

Client: Ashena’s Acrylic

Designer: Nathan Vidal

These gift certificates  were created for Ashena’s Acrylic nail salon with all text  fully customized to the client’s specifications and a backdrop featuring one example of the nail designs possible. This is a great example of a functional design concept. Customers can purchase a gift certificate on behalf of someone else and that person is entitled to whatever service is listed on the certificate.

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Tech Tip: Group Tabs in Firefox

Firefox Group TabsThis is a great feature for anyone who uses the Firefox browser and keeps many tabs open. You can group your tabs together and open only the group that you want at one time. You can move tabs between groups and label the groups as you like. This allows you to create a group of tabs for work, school, entertainment or any other category that you like.

For more information on how to use the Tab Groups feature in Firefox check out some of Mozilla’s helpful tutorials:.

Use Tab Groups to organize a lot of tabs

Mastering Tab Group Editor

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Importance of Cover Art when releasing music

We firmly believe that an aspiring artist should never release a single without cover art. Cover art doesn’t have to be as intricate as album art but some form of visual representation should be included with any digital release. Below is an example of a conceptual cover art for a fictitious artist called Krytik Alist which would accompany his single “Darkest Day”.

Concept cover Art Krytik Alist

Cover art can accompany your music and gives you an opportunity to associate a face (or idea) to your song. There are many reasons for including it with your digital singles:

  • Cover art sets your music apart from others since it can be used to depict your personality or the concept of your song.
  • People remember visually appealing images so this makes your work more memorable.
  • It adds professionalism to your digital production so fans, producers and record labels can take you more seriously.
  • Cover art is promotional material that can be used on the web or in print to advertise your music.
  • It stimulates interest and encourages people to listen to your music.

SeizerStyle Designs offers cover art designs as well as album art designs to all musicians. We also offer professionally designed logos for artists, producers or music labels. Contact us for more information or request a quotation.

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Tech Tip: Scheduled posts – write now, post later

Schedule PostsToo busy to post as much as you like to your blog or Facebook page? Is your audience online at a time that is not convenient for you to publish articles? If so, scheduling your blog or social media posts may be the ideal solution for you. By using the scheduled post feature of most major social media platforms you can create content at your convenience and deliver it to your audience at theirs.

Why would you want to schedule posts?

  • Inspiration comes at random times – the idea that you get at 1am can be composed then and published at a more suitable hour.
  • Facilitates bulk content creation – you can compose multiple articles or stories at once then stagger their delivery.
  • Your content will be delivered even if you can’t deliver it yourself – your scheduled articles can be published even if you are on vacation or ill or without power or internet access.
  • Avoid conflict of interests – if you have multiple jobs you may not be able to post for one while working on another, but with scheduled posts you can work in your free time and it will automatically be published at the time you set with no intervention from you.

How do you schedule posts?

Although the basics behind scheduling a post is the same on all platforms each platform does it slightly differently. The basic concept is that instead of publishing immediately you select a future date and time that your post should be published. Below are links to the official instructions for scheduling posts on some popular platforms.

Schedule a post on a Facebook Page

Schedule a post in Blogger

Schedule a post in WordPress


If you have any tech related questions you would like us to answer in our Tech Tips articles please email them to

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9th Anniversary of SeizerStyle Designs

As of today, June 11 2013, SeizerStyle Designs has been online for 9 years. On this day in 2004 our original website was launched and we have been developing knowledge and skills since then.

SeizerStyle Designs 9th Anniversary

We would like to say a big thank you to all our family, friends, fans, supporters and of course clients throughout the past 9 years. We appreciate your support and patronage and ensure you that we have more interesting endeavours planned as we evolve and continue on our mission.

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Tech Tip: Customize your folder icons

Customize folder iconsYou can keep  your computer files and documents organized by using customized icons to represent different files and/or folders. Using different icons makes it easy to quickly differentiate between folders and allows you to change the icons into something more pleasing.

How to change a folder icon on Windows:

  • Right click the folder icon that you would like to change
  • Click on Properties
  • Select the Customize tab
  • Click the Change Icon… button
  • Browse for the icon that you would like to use as your new folder icon
  • Click Ok
  • Click Ok  again

How to change a folder icon on Mac:

  • Press Control and click on the folder icon that you would like to change
  • Click Get Info
  • Drag the new icon to the top left icon in the folder information dialog box

If you do not already have the new icons you can find some free icons for download at Icon Archive. This site offers icons for both Windows (.ico) and Mac (.icns) so you can choose the appropriate format to download.

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