Design of the week (March 31 – April 6, 2013)

Featured design for the week (March 31 –  April 6, 2013).

Love Love Bubble Riddim Album Cover

Design type: Album cover

Client: None (concept art)

Designer: Nathan Vidal

The Love Bubble cover is an example of a concept based album cover for a rhythm compilation. This cover’s sole purpose is to subtly display the strength and vulnerability of love without using any people. The strong central heart is surrounded by more fragile heart shaped bubbles.

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Tech Tip: Move your Windows taskbar

Unlock taskbarIn versions of Windows prior to Windows 8 you would be accustomed to having your taskbar (containing the start button) at the bottom of the screen. You can however move the taskbar to the top or sides of your screen to create the workspace you desire. To do this right click on an empty area of the taskbar and ensure that the “Lock the taskbar” option is unchecked. You can then drag the taskbar to the top, left or right edge of the screen.

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Design of the week (March 24 – 30, 2013)

Stationery: To Do List  Stationery:  Shopping List

Design type: Stationery

Client: None

Designer: Nathan Vidal

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make a world of difference. Useful stationery makes documenting routine tasks easier. A  to do list is useful for prioritizing and keeping track of daily activities that need to be completed. A shopping list can also be used to remember important items that need to purchased and help you stick to a budget. These types of stationery can be branded or as generic as you like. Designs also available in black and white.

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Design of the week (March 17 – 23, 2013)

Featured design of the week (March 17 – 23, 2013).

2013 calendar: Loud!

Design type: Calendar

Client: None

Designer: Nathan Vidal

A bright calendar featuring musically inspired elements. This calendar displays all the months of the year 2013 on a single page. Public holidays in the Commonwealth of Dominica are included as a footer for convenience. The lunar cycles are also included in the calendar next to the corresponding dates.

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Your own website vs social networking

Website vs. Social NetworksWhy do you need a personal or business website if you can create identities on Facebook, LinkedIn,Twitter or other social networks? The simple answer is control. Control of your content, control of your privacy, and control of your  brand identity are all reasons why a website would be preferable to a social networking account. The limitations of social networks can easily be overlooked but are significant.

Control of content

Social networks determine the type of content they allow based on their terms of service agreements. This means that your content must be in accordance to these terms or risk having your content/account removed. How your content is presented is also determined by the social network you use. This limits your flexibility and ability to use dynamic content as you please. For example, many social networks will not display high quality images at the original quality. They will instead attempt to optimize the image to make it load quicker and quality is lost in this process.

Privacy concerns

When you enter data into social networks this data may be used to provide targeted advertisements or shown to other users as part of the social experience. You should pay attention to the privacy policy and privacy settings of any social network that you use. Third party applications may also need access to your data in order to work with the social network of your choice. Also worth consideration is the fact that social networks are free to change their privacy policy and usually do over time. This could impact who sees the content you display on these networks and how it is shared.

Uncertain Future

While certain social networks are definitely popular today there is no guarantee that they will be popular or even exist in the long term. This makes it risky to base your personal or business identity solely on a platform that depends highly on current fads.

The best of both worlds

The advantages of social networking cannot simply be overlooked because of its limitations. Social networking has revolutionized how information is shared over the internet. We therefore encourage the use of the services that social networks offer. However, for maximum control of your brand and identity you should consider creating your own website even though it will cost some money. The investment gives you the freedom to display your content as you please and the ability to expand as much or as little as you like. The best part is that your content can still be shared using the same free social networks. Your investment can also be regarded as a sign that you are serious and credible and believe in the quality of your content enough to put your money behind it.

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Design of the week (March 3 – March 9 2013)

We are proud to introduce a new weekly addition to our blog called “design of the week”. Each week we will highlight a design from our portfolio. This is an opportunity to not only see the kinds of designs we offer but also a chance to get a glimpse at our design process.

Featured design for the week of (March 3 – 9, 2013).

Ashena's Acrylic Poster 2013 A

Design type: Poster

Client: Ashena’s Acrylic

Client’s Website:

Designer: Nathan Vidal

This poster was primarily designed to provide contact information for Ashena’s Acrylic – a business that specializes in nail designs. One of the nail designs was integrated into the poster as a sample of possible designs. Colors were chosen to be eye-catching without clashing with the information being presented.

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SeizerStyle Designs Major Website Update (March 2013)

SeizerStyle Designs website (March 2013)We proudly announce a newly revamped SeizerStyle Designs website which can be accessed at What makes this update so special is that we have listened to your feedback and implemented a website that is both attractive and easy to use. We have made changes to the appearance of the website as well as improvements under the hood.

What’s New

  • A brand new portfolio of our website and graphic works gets straight to the point and displays our design capabilities.We have carefully selected a variety of logos, business cards, posters and calendars that we have designed which are included in the portfolio.We will feature some of our best work in our portfolio and we only expect it to row in the future.
  • Improvements in readability onscreen. Your experience with our website should be improved especially on mobile devices due to more readable default fonts.
  • Improvements to the internal search function of our website. Now when searching you can expect more relevant results for your search queries.
  • Combined quotation form for all design requests. Requests for both graphic and website quotations can be sent via one all inclusive quotation request form.

What’s Gone

After lots of consideration we have decided to cease our computer services offerings. This was not an easy decision but we would like to focus more on actual designing than computer repairs. By specializing in designing rather than generalizing in many other fields we can provide more focused and effective solutions to our customers.

Please enjoy our revamped website and let us know what you think in the comments.


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Tech Tip: Customize Microsoft Office Quick Access Toolbar

TMicrosoft Office Quick Access Toolbarhere is an easy way to save time and effort when using Microsoft Office 2010 programs on Windows. Instead of searching through ribbons and menus simply add shortcuts to frequently used commands on the Quick Access Toolbar.

The Quick Access Toolbar is located at the top left of Microsoft Office 2010 programs. Simply click the down arrow to the right of the first row of icons in Word, Excel, PowerPoint or other Microsoft Office program. You can then toggle which icons are currently visible in the Toolbar or choose the More Commands… menu for a full list of commands that can be added.

This can be a great time saver if you insert dates into documents or use print preview often. These options become available at one click instead of several. Try it out and add your favourite command to the toolbar for quick access.

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Choosing a Domain Name

Level Domain ChoicesOne of the most important tasks in creating a website is choosing a domain name. This is the website’s identity – how people will remember and access it. The problem is, since anybody can register a domain name, it is possible that your first choice may have already been taken. Depending on how creative/flexible you are willing to get, finding a suitable name could be a pain.

This problem could be alleviated somewhat by changing the Top Level Domain (.com, .net, .org, etc) instead of the descriptive part of the domain name itself. So if is taken or may be available. You could also try using a country specific TLD. For example, the country specific TLD for Dominica is .dm and for the United States is .us.

You should be aware that some TLDs have specific meanings attached to them. For example, .gov is reserved for government institutions and .edu is reserved for educational institutions while .org is most suitable for non-commercial organizations. The prices for TLDs can also vary greatly.

When choosing a domain name try to choose one that is easy to remember and spell. Long domain names can turn off impatient visitors and can lead to spelling errors. Always have your website visitors in mind when choosing a domain name and choose something meaningful to you.

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