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Importance of Cover Art when releasing music

We firmly believe that an aspiring artist should never release a single without cover art. Cover art doesn’t have to be as intricate as album art but some form of visual representation should be included with any digital release. Below is an example of a conceptual cover art for a fictitious artist called Krytik Alist which would accompany his single “Darkest Day”.

Concept cover Art Krytik Alist

Cover art can accompany your music and gives you an opportunity to associate a face (or idea) to your song. There are many reasons for including it with your digital singles:

  • Cover art sets your music apart from others since it can be used to depict your personality or the concept of your song.
  • People remember visually appealing images so this makes your work more memorable.
  • It adds professionalism to your digital production so fans, producers and record labels can take you more seriously.
  • Cover art is promotional material that can be used on the web or in print to advertise your music.
  • It stimulates interest and encourages people to listen to your music.

SeizerStyle Designs offers cover art designs as well as album art designs to all musicians. We also offer professionally designed logos for artists, producers or music labels. Contact us for more information or request a quotation.

Last Updated on December 31, 2015 by Nathan Vidal

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