Tech Tip: Scheduled posts – write now, post later

Schedule PostsToo busy to post as much as you like to your blog or Facebook page? Is your audience online at a time that is not convenient for you to publish articles? If so, scheduling your blog or social media posts may be the ideal solution for you. By using the scheduled post feature of most major social media platforms you can create content at your convenience and deliver it to your audience at theirs.

Why would you want to schedule posts?

  • Inspiration comes at random times – the idea that you get at 1am can be composed then and published at a more suitable hour.
  • Facilitates bulk content creation – you can compose multiple articles or stories at once then stagger their delivery.
  • Your content will be delivered even if you can’t deliver it yourself – your scheduled articles can be published even if you are on vacation or ill or without power or internet access.
  • Avoid conflict of interests – if you have multiple jobs you may not be able to post for one while working on another, but with scheduled posts you can work in your free time and it will automatically be published at the time you set with no intervention from you.

How do you schedule posts?

Although the basics behind scheduling a post is the same on all platforms each platform does it slightly differently. The basic concept is that instead of publishing immediately you select a future date and time that your post should be published. Below are links to the official instructions for scheduling posts on some popular platforms.

Schedule a post on a Facebook Page

Schedule a post in Blogger

Schedule a post in WordPress


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Last Updated on September 4, 2015 by Nathan Vidal

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