1 Year Of SeizerStyle Designs – Expansion Begins

News logoToday, Saturday, 11th June 2006 is exactly one year since seizerstyle.com was officially launched. To commemorate this event we have done some restructuring and expansion.

First of all we have launched two sub sites:

SeizerStyle Projects and SeizerStyle Music at projects.seizerstyle.com and music.seizerstyle.com  respectively. This will allow these departments to operate independently and allow www.seizerstyle.com to be more focussed on business and designing.

SeizerStyle Projects is an expansion of the projects we previously hosted at seizerstyle.com. Our vision for these projects has not changed, but this makes us more flexible to deal with different projects.

SeizerStyle Music is an area where  we showcase “underground” artists and give them a place to shine and hone their skills. Everyone is welcome to check it out, and if you are an artist/lyricist/producer it may be the spot for you.

We expect big things to happen with our new initiatives as we push to display the diversity of SeizerStyle Designs.
Edited September 16, 2006 (11:00 PM)
Broken links removed. Projects and Music have since been discontinued.

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