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SeizerStyle Designs 2009 Plan of Action

This year before laying out a new set of goals we will be carrying forward our goals of 2008. These were:

  • Utilize all our assets
  • Forge meaningful alliances
  • Experiment in transparency

Considering that our tag-line is “always improving” it would be unrealistic to limit our commitments to a calendar year. In any case none of these goals were satisfactorily accomplished. As a result this year we will be taking into account the inevitable distractions and time constraints while still resisting the urge to set our expectations low to avoid taking on challenges.

To start we will get read of excess sites and subdomains and focus more on our core website and graphic projects. As for forging alliances we will be on the look out for these opportunities and decide on a case by case basis. Transparency could be achieved by utilizing this blog and disseminating more relevant information more often.

In the pipeline

We are moving over to a CMS style of updating news on our site and most clients’  sites. This is currently in development and has proven to reduce the time it takes to update sites and associated rss feeds drastically.

Integrating social aspects into client sites will also prove an interesting challenge since we will have to consider minimizing spam and preventing inappropriate content from being posted. However we recognize the appeal of an interactive site versus a plain static one.

This year we also intend to put up a more comprehensive portfolio that more accurately represents work we have done and are capable of doing.  Currently our portfolio appears to be  too sparse.

Last Updated on July 16, 2015 by Nathan Vidal

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