tech tip

Tech Tip: Finding symbols with Character Map

Every once in a while you come across a symbol you want to use that is not available on your keyboard. it may be the © for a copyright notice or the ° for the temperature you are writing. Most of these symbols are hidden in the Character Map on Windows.

Tech Tip: Tag your music files for a better music library

Music is now more prominent in digital form than ever before. The internet has made music files more accessible and the proliferation of digital music players means that these files are not confined to just one device. As we obtain more and more music from various sources it becomes harder to keep this music organized. Who is the Unknown Artist on the Unknown Album in your music library? Where can you find the song you are listening to on your hard drive? Fortunately there are many tools we can use to help organize our music libraries and make our songs easier to find.

Tech Tip: Regularly backup important files

Disaster can strike at any time and computers are just machines that are not immune to failures or technical glitches. In the unfortunate even that your data does become inaccessible you want to ensure that you have a backup copy that you can revert to. Most modern operating systems come with backup programs built in. Windows 7 has a Backup and Restore utility while Mac OS X has Time Machine. You do not, however, need any specific software to start backing up your files.

Tech Tip: Use Google as a quick calculator

Google is well known as being one of the best places to go when searching for information on the internet. You can use it to search for information on various topics, images or even news articles. Google can also be used as a quick and simple calculator which might save you from having to go through other websites to perform simple mathematical functions.

Tech Tip: Always use antivirus software

Whether you are a new computer user or you have been using computers for years there is one program that no one wants – the computer virus. A computer virus is a malicious program that can cause all kind of havoc to an infected system such as deleting data and corrupting the operating system. As you can imagine this is a major inconvenience and can result in irrecoverable data loss. To protect yourself from this it is wise to always have an updated version of antivirus software installed on your computer.

Tech Tip: Manage startup programs with CCleaner

Over time your Windows computer noticeably begins to take longer to startup and may suffer from degraded performance. Many times this is a result of entries that programs make instructing your computer to run them as soon as it starts up. This makes your computer take longer to become responsive once it is turned on. One solution for managing this startup clutter is a program called CCleaner.