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Tech Tip: Hibernate instead of shutting down for productivity boost

By Nathan Vidal,


HibernateShutting down your computer instead of keeping it running 24/7 can help save you on energy costs but also means you have to start from scratch every time you reboot. If you want to get the benefits of letting your computer rest without having to close all applications and lose current work hibernating instead of shutting down may be the solution.

Hibernating saves open programs in memory before shutting down the computer. These programs are reloaded from memory when the computer is turned on later so it works like it was never shut down.

Tech Tip: Get back arrows in Google Chrome scrollbar

By Nathan Vidal,

Google Chrome Scrollbars

Google Chrome ScrollbarsGoogle recently updated the Chrome browser on Windows to have a unified look with its Chrome OS. In doing so the scrollbars of the browser were made thinner and the arrows at the top and bottom of the scrollbar were removed. While Google does plan to revert to the scrollbars with arrows, if  you are using Google Chrome on Windows and want to get back the old scrollbars now you can do so using the Win 7 Scrollbars Chrome extension.

For more information about this tip check out his article: How to restore scroll bar arrows in Google Chrome.




Tech Tip: Online Stopwatch

By Nathan Vidal,

Online Stopwatch

Online StopwatchThe Online Stopwatch is a web based stopwatch that runs in your browser. You can use it at regular size or in full screen mode and use it either as a timer which counts up or as a timer which counts down from a specific time.

There are many practical situations when this application may come in handy:

  • To measure the time taken to complete a task
  • To time a child’s usage of the internet/computer/ television
  • To measure how long your food has been cooking
  • To help keep you from procrastinating by giving yourself timed breaks

You can find the regular online stopwatch at: www.online-stopwatch.com/ or the full screen version at www.online-stopwatch.com/full-screen-stopwatch/

Tech Tip: Separate browsers for separate identities

By Nathan Vidal,

Multiple Browsers

Multiple BrowsersIf you stay logged in to Facebook or other websites on your computer, tablet or mobile device it might be a pain to let someone else use it without risking exposing or losing all your personal settings. One solution is to use different browsers for different identities. For example, if you use Chrome as your primary browser you may want to let your family members or friends use Firefox, Internet Explorer or some other browser.Another solution may be to use our previously mentioned tip to use the same browser for multiple people but let others browse the web incognito by opening a new private window or incognito window.

This tip is not only useful fr making others use your web browsers but also for using multiple identities on one device. You may want to keep your business settings separate from your personal settings and you can use multiple browsers to do this.

Tech Tip: Clean keyboards and fans with compressed air

By Nathan Vidal,

Keyboard CleaningIf your keyboard or your computer fan has accumulated dust in hard to reach areas a can of compressed air can help you clean it. Simply use the can of compressed air to blow the accumulated dust, hair or other residue away from the computer. Over time all computers accumulate dust, hair and other unwanted particles. Eventually this can make your keys less responsive or affect the flow of air to cool the computer’s internal components – making it run hotter. This tip is a proactive step to avoiding jammed keys and common computer problems caused by overheating.

Tech Tip: How to find your IP address

By Nathan Vidal,

ipconfigThere are many ways of finding your IP address on either Windows or Mac. The quickest way may also be the oldest though. Using the command line on Windows and the terminal on Mac you can easily find network information including your IP address.

On Windows:

  • Go to Start  and type cmd.exe then press Enter (alternatively press windows key + R then enter cmd.exe)
  • In the coomand prompt type ipconfig then press Enter

On Mac:

  • Open Spotlight and type terminal then press Enter
  • In the terminal window type ipconfig -a then press Enter

On either operating system your IP address will be listed together with other network information.

Tech Tip: Browse in full screen [Windows]

By Nathan Vidal,

F11 full screen browsingIf you are using a web browser on Windows you can make the browser window take up the full screen by pressing the F11 key. This tip works with all major browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. This may come in handy when you want more screen real estate dedicated to content and as few distractions as possible. To exit full screen mode simply press F11 again. Be aware that full screen mode will temporarily hide browser toolbars and tabs which will reappear when you exit full screen mode.

Tech Tip: Get Things Done with Wunderlist

By Nathan Vidal,

WunderlistWunderlist is an attractive to-do list service that is accessible both via the web and through mobile apps. It allows you to add tasks that you need to get done, an optional due date and optional reminders.  Reminders can be sent via email or desktop notifications on Firefox and Chrome. Mobile phone users can also get task reminders via push notifications.

Tasks can be categorized using lists and completed tasks can be hidden or made visible. Wunderlist is easy to use and is free with a Pro version available for more collaborative features and to allow file’s to be uploaded with to-do tasks.

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Tech Tip: Pin frequently used browser tabs

By Nathan Vidal,

If you use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome you can pin frequently used browser tabs to the tab bar to save space and for easy access and to save screen space. To pin a tab in either of these browsers simply right click on the tab then click the PinTab option. The tab will then be pinned to the left of your tab bar and compacted to only show it’s favicon. The pinned tab will remain pinned when you close and reopen your browser. To revert the tab to normal simply right click on the tab and click the Unpin Tab option.

Pin Tab (Firefox)

Pinning a tab in Mozilla Firefox

Pin tab (Chrome)

Pinning a tab in Google Chrome

Tech Tip: Reset Firefox

By Nathan Vidal,

Reset FirefoxFirefox is a great web browser but sometimes things go wrong and  you may want to reset your web browser to its original state. This could be because of unexplained slowness, malfunctioning extensions or simply a desire to refresh your browser. Instead of uninstalling and reinstalling the browser you can conveniently Reset Firefox.

To Reset Firefox open the Firefox menu then from the Help menu select Troubleshooting Information. In the top right of the tab that opens is a button with the option to reset Firefox. On Windows you can also access this option when Firefox is not running through the Start Menu by selecting your Mozilla Firefox folder in All Programs and running Mozilla Firefox (Safe mode). In the dialog box that opens you will be presented with the option to reset Firefox.

When you reset Firefox you will be clearing, cookies, bookmarks, browsing history and saved passwords. You will also lose any extensions (add-ons) that you manually installed. Since these may be the origin of the problems that caused you to reset the browser in the first place this behaviour is understandable. You can always install Firefox Add-ons after the reset is complete.