Tech Tip: Use Google as a quick calculator

Google is well known as being one of the best places to go when searching for information on the internet. You can use it to search for information on various topics, images or  even news articles. Google can also be used as a quick and simple calculator which might save you from having to go through other websites to perform simple mathematical functions.

To use Google as a calculator simply type in the expression that you want evaluated as you would do in other programs such as Excel. For example, to multiply 10 and 5 simply search for “10*5” (without the quotes). Google will understand that this is a mathematical operation and give the relevant result rather than the regular textual search results. This is very handy when you do not have a calculator on hand, but need to do some quick math. Google’s calculator function is not limited to arithmetic however.

You can also use Google’s in-built calculator functions  to convert values from metric to imperial measurement or vice versa. You could convert kilometers to miles, degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit or kilograms to pounds. To do this simply search for the conversion using a term such as “30 degrees Celsius in Fahrenheit” or “5lbs in kg” and the calculated result will be displayed above the regular textual search results.

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