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Designing custom web apps

A website is definitely an ideal tool for disseminating information and creating brand awareness but it can also be much more than that. A website can also be used in a more private manner to satisfy internal business needs.

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Tech Tip: Use a URL shortener to share long links

There are many instances when you would like to share a website link with someone else. You might come across something interesting, informative or entertaining but the original link may be long and not very presentable.

41st Anniversary 0

Happy 41st Anniversary Card

This design was made for a very special couple celebrating 41 years of marriage. A digital greeting card is a convenient way of getting a special message across to someone regardless of how far away you are.

Newsletter July 2014 1

SeizerStyle Designs Newsletter: 2014 July

It’s the middle of summer and depending on the type of business you do this could be your slow period or your most hectic period. If it’s your slow period this is a great time to get your marketing geared up for the rest of the year.

Isle Cloud Summer 2014 Poster 0

Isle Cloud Summer 2014 Poster

This poster, designed to bring brand awareness to the Isle Cloud web hosting services, provides minimal information teasing the audience to visit the website or contact the company for more information.