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Keeping Content Updated

Keeping content updated

The content of your website is one of your most important digital assets. It informs your visitors about your business, brand or cause. To maximize the usefulness of your website, you need to have content that is relevant to your visitors, and you need to keep your content updated. Visitors like to see activity on a website for them to continue visiting it regularly. If your content becomes outdated, it is very likely that the number of hits your site gets will decrease. Fortunately, there are many strategies you can use to keep content updated on your website.

Create a content calendar

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Planning how and when you will update your website can have many benefits. It can be a challenge to update your website when things are slow or difficult to express. However, this may be the ideal time to work on creating content that will raise awareness or promote your product or services. When you create a content calendar, you can:

  • Allocate time to focus on your website content
  • Analyse the effectiveness of current content
  • Develop the habit of regularly updating your website
  • Build visitor confidence that your website content is not outdated

Publish relevant news and press releases on your website

News updates
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Do not be afraid to publish news about your company or brand on your website. In fact, this is the ideal place to publish this kind of content. You may choose to do this in the form of a blog post or a dedicated news section on your website. Too many companies tend to focus on distributing news and press releases to media outlets while neglecting their own websites. To make your website the primary source of information about your business or brand, you need to include important information about your business on your own website. Consider also publishing exclusive content on your website to entice visitors to visit it regularly.

Introduce your team

Team members
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Regardless of whether you work alone or are part of a larger organization, it is a good idea to engage with your visitors. An introduction is a great way to break the ice. What better way to build trust than to let your visitors know who they are reading about? Giving a little backstory about you or your organization can pique your visitors’ interest. It is also a great way to differentiate yourself from your competitors with your own unique story.

Outsource website updates

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Updating your website content may not be your thing. That’s understandable. You may be too busy, or you may prefer to spend your time on tasks that require a different expertise. In that case, feel free to outsource your website updates. If you can, delegate someone in your organization to perform the updates. If there is no one in your organization that is comfortable doing the website updates, you have other options:

  • SeizerStyle Designs can update client provided content to their websites for a fee
  • You can hire a freelancer from sites such as Upwork or Fiverr to do the website updates

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