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Isle Cloud 2015 DRWH Calendar

The Isle Cloud DRWH Calendar is a high contrast calendar featuring bright text on a dark background. This drives attention to the content of the calendar with colours that match the Isle Cloud logo.

Hustle Forever 2015 : Red Lion Calendar 0

Hustle Forever 2015 Calendar: Red Lion

This single page calendar promotes the Hustle Forever brand and features a simple but powerful design. The Hustle Forever logo is prominently placed in the top left of the calendar with a red lion design placed in the top right corner.

WordPress 4.0 0

Client websites updated to WordPress 4.0

All of our client websites that utilize WordPress have been updated to version 4.0 of the content management system. This latest version of WordPress, codenamed “Benny”, boasts of a more convenient writing experience, better media gallery management and improved plugin management.

Google Alerts TEch Tip 0

Tech Tip: Follow topics of interest with Google Alerts

Your time is precious and it is difficult to follow all the topics that interest you with so much information available on the web. Google Alerts can help you by sending email alerts when information about the topics you choose become available.

Google HTTPS 0

Website security with HTTPS and Google search rankings

Recently Google announced that it was going to use HTTPS as a ranking signal in its search results. This is part of Google’s push to encouraging webmasters to utilize the more secure https standard which uses encryption to create a secure connection between the website and the visitor.

Tech Tip: Google Forms 0

Tech Tip: Gather data with Google Forms

Google Docs is well known for its online word processing and spreadsheet capabilities but it can also be used to quickly gather data from friends or coworkers. Google Forms allows you to create basic forms and save responses in either a spreadsheet or as a text file that can be downloaded.

Newsletter August 2014 0

SeizerStyle Designs Newsletter: 2014 August

A website can be one of a brand’s most powerful tools if utilized correctly. It is available to the public 24/7 and can be updated as many times as necessary.