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Google Inbox 1

Tech Tip: Try Google Inbox

If you use Gmail but are not quite satisfied with the user interface Google Inbox may be the right alternative for you.

Newsletter February 2015 0

SeizerStyle Designs February 2015 Newsletter

As you strive to end the first quarter of the year on a positive note let SeizerStyle Designs help. Whether you have had a breakthrough year or a terrible beginning to 2015 make March the month that you get things done.

Good content attracts return visitors 1

Use content to attract repeat visitors to your website

Content is one of the most important aspects of a website but too often it can be overlooked with attention instead being diverted to design and layout decisions. Some balance has to be reached in order for your website to be effective and make an impact on your target audience.

BlueStacks Android Emulator 1

Tech Tip: Simulate an Android tablet with BlueStacks

Android is Google’s popular mobile operating system used in millions of phones and tablets. There are many Android specific apps that you may be interested in using even if you don’t own an Android device.

Chrome differentt profiles 0

Tech Tip: Use different profiles in Google Chrome

The latest version of Google Chrome allows you to manage multiple identities directly from the browser window. The advantage of this method is that different users can use the same browser without interfering with each other’s settings or tabs.

Jan 2015 DOTM 0

SeizerStyle Designs 2015 T-Shirt Concept A

Carnival costumes are not the only kind of branding catching our attention at the moment. We thought this time of year was the ideal time to redesign our company t-shirts and this first concept demonstrates the direction in which SeizerStyle Designs branding is heading.

Tech Tip: Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts with TweetDeck 1

Tech Tip: Manage multiple Twitter accounts with TweetDeck

Anyone who uses Twitter for business may have a separate account for work and personal use. If you do social media marketing you may even be in charge of several Twitter accounts. TweetDeck is a useful tool for managing multiple Twitter accounts on the web via a single intuitive user interface.