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Tech Tip: Reading RSS Feeds Using Prism 0

Tech Tip: Reading RSS Feeds Using Prism

I subscribe to a lot of RSS feeds that are frequently updated. To read these I use a web reader (Google Reader) but I prefer to keep my RSS feeds separate from the many websites I usually have open. My email client (Mozilla Thunderbird) supports RSS feeds but it would have to remain open all the time to check for new items or else it would miss some. Futhermore unlike email, there is no IMAP...

Music And Ting: A Niche Market 0

Music And Ting: A Niche Market

In the ever competitive world it is hard to break through with an idea of something that hasn’t either been done or attempted before. This can be discouraging especially when you have to compete against established successful businesses. Niche markets however can help you develop a strong and passionate user base that can virally spread awareness of your product or service. Music And Ting is an example of a site created by SeizerStyle Designs to...

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts 0

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

A good way of increasing productivity is to know your windows keyboard shortcuts. A list of these shortcuts can be found below or at Microsoft’s Site. General Windows keyboard shortcuts Press To CTRL + C Copy CTRL + X Cut CTRL + V Paste CTRL + Z Undo DELETE Delete SHIFT + DELETE Delete selected item permanently without placing the item in the Recycle Bin. CTRL while dragging an item Copy selected item. CTRL +...

Windows Won’t Boot But Linux Will 1

Windows Won’t Boot But Linux Will

Update: Dual Booting Problem Resolved On my PC I dual boot with Ubuntu Linux and Windows XP, but last week my Windows setup crashed. While in Windows I got an error saying some files were corrupted and could not be read which advised me to run chkdsk (checkdisk is a Windows disk checking utility). That was the last time I was able to log into Windows since. All attempts so far have ended up in...

Redo My Logo 0

Redo My Logo

Redo My Logo is a special offer where you can get your logo “refreshed” by SeizerStyle Designs at a discounted price. Since your logo is the most important visual cue in identifying your company Redo My Logo is an offer you cannot miss if you have a logo that needs a “facelift”. We can modify your logo as little or as much as you want to provide the desired effect.

Keeping Content Updated 0

Keeping Content Updated

To maximize the usefulness of your website you need to have content that is relevant to your visitors. This means that you need to keep your content updated. Visitors like to see activity on a site for them to continue visiting it regularly. If your content becomes stale it is very likely that the number of hits your site gets will decrease. I know this is a challenge as sometimes things are slow or difficult...

SeizerStyle + 2008 = Fire Straight 2

SeizerStyle + 2008 = Fire Straight

Happy, New Year! We are into another year of challenges, accomplishments, joys, sorrows and surprises. Knowing this, it would be futile going into 2008 without a set of objectives. Therefore, for 2008 it is our intention to bring you “fire straight” meaning exciting new projects, a positive outlook and a much more aggressive marketing strategy than last year. Our first order of business for the year is to utilize all our assets. This would include...

Tech Tip: Unfreeze Windows Explorer [Windows] 0

Tech Tip: Unfreeze Windows Explorer [Windows]

Sometimes Windows Explorer freezes and your computer becomes unresponsive. The taskbar may disappear or clicking on an icon may appear to do nothing. This may be caused by an error in Windows Explorer and you may need to restart the explorer.exe process. To restart the explorer.exe process: Press Alt + Ctrl + Del simultaneously to bring up the Task Manager or right click on the taskbar and click Task Manager. Click on the Processes tab...

2008 SeizerStyle Designs Calendars 0

2008 SeizerStyle Designs Calendars

Our SeizerStyle Designs 2008 Calendars are now available for download. These calendars are SeizerStyle Designs branded and highlight the public holidays in Dominica for 2008. They are designed to be printed on 8.5″ x 11″ size paper and are freely available for anyone who is interested. Click on the images below for the full sized version.

The Rise Of Social Networking 0

The Rise Of Social Networking

Over the last couple of years social networking has risen dramatically in mainstream popularity. Sites that allow people of similar interests to connect and communicate with each other are nothing new, however, new technology and improvements in internet availability have vastly magnified the impact of social networks. With the emergence of video, music and picture sharing sites, in conjunction with their comment and contact/friends list features, interactivity is more or less expected in websites. This...