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2008 Atlantic Hurricane Season Is Here 0

2008 Atlantic Hurricane Season Is Here

The hurricane season is once again upon us (June 1 – November 30). As usual we should pray for the best but be prepared for the worst. It is better to plan and acquire the things you may need early than wait for the rush when a storm is announced. Some things that come in handy during or after a hurricane are: candles, matches, flashlights, radios, batteries,  bottled water,  canned foods, garbage bags, first aid...

Sites In The Wrong Language 0

Sites In The Wrong Language

I have noticed recently sites like MySpace and Miniclip have been serving spanish versions of their websites to us in Dominica. English is the first language in Dominica (not to be confused with the Dominican Republic which is a Spanish speaking country). I wonder if this disassociation is because of similarities to the Dominican Republic or our geographic proximity to Latin America.

Sharing News & Documents 0

Sharing News & Documents

You may notice a button below news posts on this blog and other SeizerStyle Designs websites recently. The Add This button makes it easier to bookmark and share the information in news articles and posts using some of the most popular social services. Hopefully this should make it easier to link to our information that interests you and easier still to share it with your friends. We have also been experimenting with embedding documents directly...

Dual Booting Problem Resolved 1

Dual Booting Problem Resolved

A couple months ago I wrote about how Windows wouldn’t boot but linux would. Back then I said I was waiting for Ubuntu 8.04 to be released before I tackled the problem and now I believe I have a better understanding of what happened and how to resolve similar problems in the future. The Problem When installing Ubuntu Linux I installed GRUB (a linux bootloader) to the Master Boot Record (MBR). This was not a...

Tech Tip: How To Set Up A Wireless Network [Windows] 0

Tech Tip: How To Set Up A Wireless Network [Windows]

A wireless network is a great option if you want to connect computers without running many cables or if you want to maximize the mobility of your laptop/notebook computer. Setting up a wifi network isn’t that hard. Requirements Wireless router or wireless access point Wireless Network Inteface Card or Wireless LAN Adapter (one for each computer) Ethernet Modem Putting It All Together If you have not set up an internet connection with an internet service...

Tech Tip: How To Remove Spyware & Adware [Windows] 0

Tech Tip: How To Remove Spyware & Adware [Windows]

Adware & Spyware are programs that gather information about you while you use your computer. This could be advertising in a program you downloaded or a malicious program running stealthily in your computer’s background. They can cause many inconveniences to a computer user. Besides using up system resources they also pose a security risk because they transmit potentially private information without user knowledge or intervention. Removal You should first try to remove spyware using Add...

Tech Tip: Beware Of Email Spam And Scams 0

Tech Tip: Beware Of Email Spam And Scams

Email is a convenient form of communication which has been blighted by an abundance of unwanted and unrequested mail messages known as spam. Spam is basically any form of unsolicited mail and it is usually sent to multiple recipients. Besides cluttering your inbox, spam can also be dangerous as many scams use it to lure victims. Nigerian bankers, dead relatives etc… Beware of email scams from “Nigerian bankers” or other people asking you to invest...

Slight Hike In Domain Registration Price 0

Slight Hike In Domain Registration Price

Today I was renewing a domain name with GoDaddy when I came across this notice On April 5, 2007, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN®) approved a price increase for the .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO and .BIZ registries, which we strongly disapproved of and did our best to oppose. This increase in our cost has affected the renewal price for the related TLDs purchased prior to September 26, 2007. In accordance with...

Tech Tip: Reading RSS Feeds Using Prism 0

Tech Tip: Reading RSS Feeds Using Prism

I subscribe to a lot of RSS feeds that are frequently updated. To read these I use a web reader (Google Reader) but I prefer to keep my RSS feeds separate from the many websites I usually have open. My email client (Mozilla Thunderbird) supports RSS feeds but it would have to remain open all the time to check for new items or else it would miss some. Futhermore unlike email, there is no IMAP...

Music And Ting: A Niche Market 0

Music And Ting: A Niche Market

In the ever competitive world it is hard to break through with an idea of something that hasn’t either been done or attempted before. This can be discouraging especially when you have to compete against established successful businesses. Niche markets however can help you develop a strong and passionate user base that can virally spread awareness of your product or service. Music And Ting is an example of a site created by SeizerStyle Designs to...