• Tech Tip: Change your Google Chrome theme

    You can change your Google Chrome theme to customize the way that the browser looks for a more personalized browsing experience. There are many themes available for you to choose from made by both Google and independent artists. Changing your theme is a simple 4 step process.

    1. Go to Settings in Google Chrome

    Chrome Change Theme 1

    2. Click on the “Get themes” button

    Chrome Change Theme 2

    3. Click on the theme you like from the Google Chrome Store

    Chrome Change Theme 3

    4. Click on the “Free” button to download and apply the theme

    Chrome Change Theme 4

    If you do not like the new theme you can always go back int Google Chrome’s settings and click the Reset to default theme button.

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  • Order 2015 calendars early

    Design of the week (July 13 – July 19, 2014)

    Order 2015 Calendars Early

    SeizerStyle Designs will be designing customized 2015 calendars throughout the summer of 2014. This is a great opportunity to order your calendars early and avoid the end of year rush. We design calendars based on concepts, photos or the themes that you choose. As this ad suggests you will need to contact us for more details and to explain exactly what you want. You can also explore our graphic design portfolio of calendars for examples of previously designed calendars.

    Customized calendars are a great way to keep your business in the minds of customers throughout the year. They are also great at storing personal memories of family members. How will you represent your brand and loved ones in 2015?

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  • Tech Tip: View and control plugins in Google Chrome

    Chrome PluginsAs useful as our browsers are at giving us access to content on the internet they are not as useful without plugins. Some websites will not function properly, or have limited functionality, without specific plugins installed. Adobe Flash Player is one of the most popular web plugins but various other programs utilize plugins to provide seamless integration while you are surfing the web. Fortunately, there is an easy way to check the plugins that are installed for Google Chrome and disable or uninstall those that are not needed.

    To see the plugins installed in your Google Chrome browser simply type chrome://plugins in the address bar and press Enter. This will show you a list of the plugins that are used by your Chrome browser along with a brief description and a link to disable (or enable) them. You can also click on the Details link at the top right of the page to see more information about the plugins such as where they are saved on your computer.

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  • Infographic: 5 steps to creating a website

    Design of the week (July 6 – July 12, 2014)

    Creating A Website Infographic

    If you have ever wondered what it takes to create a website this infographic can serve as a guide to the general process. These are 5 of the main steps that SeizerStyle Designs uses when developing client websites. Other steps such as the consultation and the request for a quotation have been left out so that the infographic can be more general rather than specific to a particular business as well as to keep it less technical. Feel free to share with others who would be interested in what it takes to create a website. As always you can contact us for more detailed information.

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  • Tech Tip: Change speed of videos on YouTube

    You can change the speed of videos on YouTube if you are using the HTML 5 player rather than the Flash player. To check which version you are using you can visit the YouTube HTML Video Player page. There you can see whether you are using the HTML 5 player and switch to using it if you are not.

    YouTube Request HTML

    Once you have switched to the HTML 5 video player YouTube will no longer use the Flash Player to play your videos. By clicking on the gear at the bottom right of videos you will now be able to change playback speed.

    YouTube Change Video Speed

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    Enable Variable Speed Playback in YouTube (LifeHacker)

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  • Client Handbooks

    Design of the week (June 29 – July 5, 2014)

    Client Handbooks Our website design clients all receive a Client Handbook which explains the intricacies of their website design plans. It explains how to update the website and provides definitions  of technical terms. The cover of this resource includes the SeizerStyle Designs logo along with the client’s logo. The cover also contains the client’s colors and the SeizerStyle Designs green stripes. This design features the covers of 3 Client Handbooks.


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  • News

    SeizerStyle Designs Newsletter: 2014 June

    SeizerStyle Designs Newsletter

    June has marked a great milestone for SeizerStyle Designs and with milestones come reflection and a renewed desire to look forward. In this newsletter we reflect on 10 years of operations and look towards a future of faster paced innovations and better client relations.

    SeizerStyle Designs Turns 10

    SeizerStyle Designs 10 Year Anniversary AnniversaryThroughout our 10 years of operation we have gained tremendous experience and have had to learn tough lessons. Fortunately these lessons have resulted in better services being launched and planned for the future. Some of the fruits of these lessons are:

    • Isle Cloud Web Hosting – a website hosting solution catering to clients of SeizerStyle Designs.
    • mySeizerStyle – a portal for clients to view important information about the jobs that have been done or are in progress.
    • Client Handbooks for all website design clients highlighting the features and functionality of their websites.
    • A presence on multiple popular social media sites to complement our website, blog and other official online outlets.
    • Responsive websites for all clients to increase mobile and tablet compatibility.

     You are a priority

    Email ClientsOur current and potential clients are our main focus and we are always looking for ways to improve our services and our offerings. We do our own market research but would also love to hear from you. What services do you want? How can we improve the quality of our offerings? Feel free to contact us and let us know.

    Our Client Handbooks, content management systems and social network integration in websites have all been implemented based on client feedback. We listen.

    Tech Tips

    We all have difficult times with the technology we use at times. It helps to have a resource that you can refer to for useful tips. Our blog contains many technology tips which may help you solve common technology related problems.

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  • Tech Tip: Control PC volume by application

    Volume MixerMultitasking is great and it is pretty easy to navigate between different programs on Windows. Multiple sounds, however, can be very annoying when they come from different programs. The sounds from a game can interrupt the music you are listening to or you may just want the volume of certain programs to be lower. In Windows 7 you can control the volume on a per application basis using the Volume Mixer.

    To access the Volume Mixer simply click on the volume icon in the taskbar and click on the Mixer link below your sound device. This will display volume controls for your open applications which you can modify as you like.

    With these settings in mind you can now use different browsers for specific activities based on your sound preferences. You could open YouTube in Chrome with higher volume settings than the pages you are browsing in Firefox. That way if a website decides to automatically play sound it does not disturb as much. You can also use this options to completely mute certain applications so that you hear no sound from them at all.

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  • Hilly’s Delights Business Card

    Design of the week (June 22 – 28, 2014)

    Hilly's Delights Business Card

    Hilly’s Delights busines card advertises tasty treats and snacks that are emphasized by a colorful design which grabs attention. Since the majority of treats sold at this business are frozen or best served cold, the card has a cool blue background. This is contrasted by a yellow background to the top left which represents summer and the hot days when the treats would come in handy. While this card would definitely appeal to children because of its colourful nature it is also designed to attract adults and display the fun and positivity of the business.


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  • Tech Tip: Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool

    Windows 7 Home PremiumHaving a copy of Windows 7 available in the event that  you need to reinstall your operating system can be a lifesaver. With the Windows 7 USB/ DVD download tool you can make an ISO copy of Windows bootable on either a DVD  or a USB drive. The USB drive version is important since many modern notebooks come without internal optical disc drives. Many computers may also come without a hard copy of Windows which is great until something goes wrong. Fortunately this method can help you get your operating system back to working condition without having to order anything.

    Getting an ISO copy of Windows 7

    You will need to have a valid Windows 7 product key to legitimately use these ISO copies of Windows. If you already have Windows 7 installed on your computer the product key should be on a sticker at the back of your computer or at the bottom of your laptop. If you have a valid product key you can download these ISO copies of Windows:

    Windows 7 Home Premium x86 with SP1

    Windows  7  Home Premium x64 with SP1

    Windows 7 Ultimate x86

    Windows 7 Ultimate x64

    Creating a bootable DVD or USB drive version of Windows 7

    Once you have the ISO file for your valid copy of Windows 7 saved you can use the Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool to copy a bootable version onto your selected medium. This can then be used to reinstall the operating system.

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