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Website Updates (May – June 2012)

Throughout the months of May and June we have revamped our website at We have also utilized an advertising campaign on Facebook to increase awareness of our brand by directing visitors to our Facebook page at We would like to welcome all our new fans and thank all existing fans for your continued support. We continue to learn and improve and these changes are reflected in these website updates:

Special Offer: Remix My Site

Remix My Site is the ideal offer for those who want to upgrade the look and feel of their existing website. Let SeizerStyle Designs give your website a new appearance, better layout and more enticing graphics. We also specialize in social integration of your website and common social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Tighter website security for clients

SeizerStyle Designs takes the security of our websites and those of our clients very seriously. Over the past few weeks we have taken many steps to reinforce our security practices to ensure the integrity of all websites under our control. Your website is your online identity and should be treated as importantly as your offline reputation.