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SeizerStyle Designs 2014 Letterhead

Letterhead SeizerStyle Designs 2014

Design of the week (April 6 – 12, 2014)

It may seem trivial but your letterhead is an important part of your branding and identifies your company when you have to send out professional correspondence. We decided to update our letterhead to better represent the vision and goals of SeizerStyle Designs. The entire letterhead uses a single colour which is an identical shade of blue to the one used in our logo. Our logo remains the same and is aligned to the top left of the letterhead. Our physical address and contact information is located to the right. At the centre of our letterhead is where the fun begins.

Letterhead SeizerStyle Designs 2014

In the centre of our letterhead is a new representation of our iconic intersecting “double S” letterform, on a blue circular background, meshing into the white space around it. The circular blue background is held in place by two circular characters under which the tag line “Always Improving” is placed. These characters symbolize our commitment to our clients and our belief in working together to achieve mutually beneficial goals.

If you need to create or update your business letterhead we can help. Just describe what you would like us to help you with when you request a quote for a design job.

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