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Tech Tip: Spruce up your website or blog with Google Fonts

Using Google Fonts

Using Google FontsInteresting images, video and interactive content can really enrich a website but the font of your website or blog plays a vital role in the user experience as well. You can stick to tried and true fonts such as Arial and Times New Roman or try some more stylistic screen friendly typefaces from Google Fonts.

You do not need to have a Google account to use this service and the code to insert into your website is generated for you.

  • Go to
  • Browse through the various fonts which can be filtered by category
  • When you have found a suitable font click the Quick-Use button  (first button on bottom-right)
  • Select the character styles that you would like to use then copy the code at the bottom of the page and insert it in your website’s style sheet
  • You can now use the chosen font-family like any other font installed on your computer

If you are using SSL on your website the link below shows you how to modify the code in your styesheet so that Google Fonts still work:

How to use Google Fonts under both SSL and non-SSL without SSL insecure messages

Last Updated on October 12, 2020 by Nathan Vidal

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