SeizerStyle Designs is a website and graphic design company. Launched on June 11, 2004 with the mission: To provide affordable computer related services of professional quality, embracing the idea of constant improvement SeizerStyle Designs was born (known simply as SeizerStyle back then). The company began to grow mainly by word of mouth as it became reputed for affordable prices and custom designs. This continues to be a hallmark of our products and services. We have embraced the use of social
media and can be found on various social networks in addition to our website and blog.

Website : seizerstyle.com
Facebook: facebook.com/seizerstyle
Twitter: twitter.com/seizerstyle
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/seizerstyle-designs
Google +: plus.google.com/+SeizerStyle


  1. Antony Brain


    Would it be possible to include a page from your blog on my website titled:
    “Tech Tip: Opt out of installing bundled software”
    This would be great as I get fed up keep telling clients exactly the same thing.
    I would also include original source info. and links to your blog

    Examlple layout: http://www.antechcomputers.co.uk/tech-tips/

    If you say no I will immediately take it down.
    What do you think?

    Cheers, Ant Brain