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SeizerStyle Designs Newsletter 2016.01

Newsletter for January 2016

SeizerStyle Designs Newsletter

January 2016 Newsletter

Running a business is hard work and even the best business owners struggle at some point. That however, does not mean that doing business is all about gloom and doom. There are many joys in finding creative ways to solve our clients’ problems. Having a sound strategy and being proactive are two ways of  getting our business on the right track despite all odds. In this newsletter we explore some ways of being proactive in tackling common business problems.

Web Design

Web design is an ever evolving field and it is important to stay updated with latest trends and best practices. The design principles and optimization strategies that worked in the past may not necessarily work in the future. We aim to strike a balance between being early adopters of new technology and applying mature solutions that have been tried and tested for our clients.

Mobile-first redesign

Mobile DevicesOur websites have long been responsive to adapt to different screen sizes but at the start of the year we launched a mobile-first redesign of This shifts the focus from a desktop website that accommodates mobile devices to a website which considers mobile devices from the start. This design strategy aligns with the rising use of mobile devices and the influence good mobile experience has on search engine rankings.

Google mobile-friendly ranking factor

Securing your websites

SSL PadlockRegardless of all the benefits of the web, it is not always the most secure place. Some criminals would like to steal your credit card information while hackers would like to infect your computer or mobile device with malware. One way of improving security on the web is through the use of SSL certificates. These certificates allow the traffic between a visitor and a secure website to be encrypted rather than sent through plain text. We have enabled SSL by default for most of our websites and will be enabling it on all our websites and client websites throughout the year.

SSL Everywhere White Paper

Do you need a Content Management System?

The best type of website for you depends largely on what you want to do with it. If you want to update your website yourself you should definitely consider a content management system. Explore the pros and cons of this type of website  on our blog.

Is a content management system right for me?

Graphic Design

2016 Calendars

2016 Calendar CollectionIf you live in Dominica and need a local calendar our 2016 calendar collection may be just right for you. With 3 different designs, all highlighting the public holidays in Dominica, you can choose the calendar you prefer. All designs are free to download and use.

  • 2016 Dominica Strong calendar (1 page, 11″ x 8.5″)
  • 2016 Rebirth calendar (4 page, 11″ x 8.5″)
  • 2016 Comeback calendar (1 page, 14″ x 8.5″)

2016 SeizerStyle Designs Calendar Collection

Digital Marketing

With more and more people online it is increasingly vital to promote your business on digital channels. Social media is a popular option for small businesses to raise awareness and encourage engagement with  the community.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

To stand out on social media your message needs to resonate with your audience. This may seem easy but with the level of competition for eyeballs your chances to do this may be limited. Effective visuals and persuasive copy are vital to encouraging engagement and increasing the reach of content. Let us know what you would like to achieve and we can create compelling visuals for your social media marketing needs.

Special Offer

Exclusive offer to our newsletter readers. Request a quote for a design job using the promotional code Carnival2016 and get 25% off the original quotation price throughout February 2016.



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