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A variety of designs for a variety of needs

Design Variety


It is sometimes difficult to classify the kind of services that SeizerStyle Designs offers. While we specialize in graphic designs, web design and digital marketing each of these are broad categories. Many clients come to us with specific needs that may span one, two or even all of these categories. Sometimes we are asked to design something we have never designed before. Other times we are asked to put a new spin on an old idea. Each job is a test of creativity and applied knowledge as well as a learning experience.

It is very likely that a newly established brand will need a website, some promotional graphics and some form of marketing to raise awareness of the brand’s existence. There are also very specific jobs such as a wedding program that has to be “perfect” to fully capture that special moment. The specifics of a job may change but t is ultimately a process of using design to solve a client’s problem.

You know what you want

We believe that our clients have an idea of what they want even if they may not know exactly how they want it designed. Some clients have stricter requirements than others but it is the job of the designer to take these requirements and provide a service that all parties can be satisfied with. In designing we do not only do what the clients thinks is best but we apply our experience and research to advise clients on what works and what doesn’t. Through this process time and effort is saved on concepts that do not fit the client’s needs or that do not follow good design principles.

We deliver variety

Since each job is different we have to be flexible and constantly improving. Different brands, moods and company images demand different approaches. Small businesses usually use a more personalized approached while large businesses usually use a more standard approach. Despite this we must be cautious of hasty generalizations  and adapt to each client’s needs. Designing according to the job requires an understanding of both the company requesting the job and the specifics of the job.

We know our limits

Although we strive at performing various jobs  we are not best suited for all jobs. Knowing our limits allows us to avoid jobs that are beyond our scope. If we are not confident that we can pull off a job we will respectfully decline to take it and save everyone’s time. We are however constantly pushing the limits of what kind of jobs we are comfortable designing.

Are we right for you?

The best way to find out if our services meet your needs is to request a quotation. You can also explore our portfolio for samples of jobs we have already completed.

Last Updated on December 31, 2015 by Nathan Vidal

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