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Try Vivaldi Web Browser 0

Tech Tip: Try out Vivaldi web browser

Vivaldi web browser is a great alternative to other more popular browsers. Based off the open source Chromium this browser focuse on being a browser that empowers its users.

Rename Tab Title 0

Tech Tip: Rename Browser Tab Title

We expect websites to provide useful titles that are descriptive and add context to our web browsing activities. To be fair, many do. However, the more tabs you have open the less real estate you have for titles. If the company name precedes the page title the problem is even worse. There are also times when you simply want to customize the text displayed on your tab.

Tech Tip: Reading RSS Feeds Using Prism 0

Tech Tip: Reading RSS Feeds Using Prism

I subscribe to a lot of RSS feeds that are frequently updated. To read these I use a web reader (Google Reader) but I prefer to keep my RSS feeds separate from the many websites I usually have open. My email client (Mozilla Thunderbird) supports RSS feeds but it would have to remain open all the time to check for new items or else it would miss some. Futhermore unlike email, there is no IMAP...