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SeizerStyle Designs Newsletter: September 2014

September Newsletter v.2014.09

The last quarter of the year is when many businesses want to finish the calendar year strong and get ready for the holiday season. SeizerStyle Designs is no exception and we want to help other small businesses promote their products and services effectively.  Preparing in advance is key to getting your business in the minds of customers, not only for the end of the year, but also well into the new year. Our calendar offerings, website design services and digital marketing strategies can help you get the most of the this opportune time of year.

Calendars Galore

Order 2015 Calendars EarlyWhat better way to finish the calendar year strong than with your own customized clendar? As customary, SeizerStyle Designs creates a variety of calendars that are free to download and use. We also design personalized calendars for individuals and businesses.

  • Want a special anniversary calendar?
  • Want to capture your child’s precious childhood moments in something more than a photo?
  • Want to promote your business in a graphic that is useful for the entire year?

Whatever the case may be we can help. Although most of our digital calendars are single page designs we also design calendars using one page per month, or any combination you would like. The choice is yours.

SeizerStyle Designs In My Circle 2015 Calendar Hustle Forever Calendar 2015: Red Lion Isle Cloud 2015 Calendar

What does your content say about your business?

Add ContentYour website is the online voice of your business. It is where people go voluntarily to find out more about your products and services or your business in general. Is your website portraying the right image about your business or is it outdated? There are quite a few ways that you can make your website content appropriate to your business:

  • Use the right tone for your type of business and your business personality
  • Keep your content updated and relevant
  • Integrate your website with your social networks
  • Encourage people to visit your site and use it as a marketing tool for your company

Your website has a better chance of attracting visitors if you provide content that your target audience would be interested in. Relevant content also helps your rankings with search engines so people will find your website easier through popular search engines like Google and Bing. Websites with good content are also more likely to be shared and word of mouth marketing is an important tool in gaining new customers.

We help you promote your business

Social MediaWe design both traditional and digital marketing material for individuals and businesses. We design posters, brochures, business cards and other printed promotional material for traditional marketing campaigns and distribution.

Multimedia is becoming increasingly more important to appeal to customers who are stimulated by sights and sounds rather than simply written words. Social networks have also become some of the most popular media for consumers and represent a market that should not be ignored. We can help you to create exactly the right visual to appeal to the specific audience which you would like to target. Feel free to contact us to explore your marketing opportunities.



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