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Tech Tip: Check browser plugins for updates

To help protect your computer from security threats it is imperative to keep your web browser updated. The third party plugins that your web browser uses also need to be updated to ensure that you are protected from vulnerabilities. Using Mozilla Plugin Check you can identify the browser plugins installed on your computer that are outdated.

Convert files to PDF 2

Tech Tip: Save as PDF instead of printing

A good way to save paper and keep electronic copies of documents is to save it as a PDF file. Adobe’s portable document format is pretty much the standard for storing digital documents while maintaining all formatting and preventing modifications.

Browse Incognito 2

Tech Tip: Browse the web incognito

Web browsers can store information on your computer that makes it more convenient to use the websites that you want to revisit. Normally all the recent websites that you visit are stored in the browser’s history and some of the information you enter in forms (such as username) may also be saved and automatically inserted into the appropriate form when you revisit the website. There are times, however, when you would rather not have this happen. This may be the case when using public or shared computers or when entering sensitive information such as credit card numbers.


Tech Tip: Find out if a website is really down

Looking for a website and keep getting an error page? Is the website down or is there a problem with your internet connection? If you operate a website you will definitely hope that it is a simple isolated problem with your computer or your internet connection and that others can still access your website. Down For Everyone Or Just Me is a service that tells you if a website is currently online or offline.