Tech Tip: Click once and wait

Click once & wait graphicYou may have encountered a slow webpage and clicked on a link and it seems like nothing happens. You are tempted to click on the again and again to see if the page will load quicker. Clicking on the link multiple times does not, however, let the webpage appear quicker, it actually lets itĀ  be reloaded and take longer to appear.

When you click on a link a request is sent to the server to allow you to download the page that you would like to view. Clicking multiple timesĀ  will send new requests to the server overwriting the previous one and downloading the page over again. This causes the page to take longer to display than if you had just clicked once and waited.

In the case that there is a problem with the server causing the page to load slowly sending several requests only adds to the problem. Depending on your web browser, be weary of the status of loading pages by monitoring either the messages in your status bar or the progress in your address bar. Only click on a link more than once when you are certain that it has timed out. You can also check to see if a website is really down to know if the problem is widespread or isolated to your computer.

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