Tech Tip: Reset Firefox

Reset FirefoxFirefox is a great web browser but sometimes things go wrong and  you may want to reset your web browser to its original state. This could be because of unexplained slowness, malfunctioning extensions or simply a desire to refresh your browser. Instead of uninstalling and reinstalling the browser you can conveniently Reset Firefox.

To Reset Firefox open the Firefox menu then from the Help menu select Troubleshooting Information. In the top right of the tab that opens is a button with the option to reset Firefox. On Windows you can also access this option when Firefox is not running through the Start Menu by selecting your Mozilla Firefox folder in All Programs and running Mozilla Firefox (Safe mode). In the dialog box that opens you will be presented with the option to reset Firefox.

When you reset Firefox you will be clearing, cookies, bookmarks, browsing history and saved passwords. You will also lose any extensions (add-ons) that you manually installed. Since these may be the origin of the problems that caused you to reset the browser in the first place this behaviour is understandable. You can always install Firefox Add-ons after the reset is complete.

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Tech Tip: Find Dominica phone numbers online

Dominica Yellow Pages

If you are looking for a telephone number of someone in the Commonwealth of Dominica and you do not have access to a physical directory you can find it online at You can use this website to search for phone numbers for listed people, businesses and government institutions. This is a handy tool if you are on the move with access to the internet on your mobile device. Many other Caribbean countries where Flow operates offer similar Yellow Page websites.

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2013 Happy New Year Message

SeizerStyle Designs would like to wish everyone a great 2013 filled with productivity, fun and fulfillment. Look out for special offers from us throughout the year, especially in our monthly newsletters. In the spirit of always improving expect us to embark on various new projects while increasing the quality of our current ones.2013 Happy New Year

Our clients can expect improved service as we continue working on  better ways of exceeding your needs for affordable prices. We wish you all success in your personal and business endeavours throughout the year and hope that we can help you to achieve that success.

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SeizerStyle Designs Newsletter – December 2012

SeizerStyle Designs Newsletter

December Newsletter

SeizerStyle Designs December 2012 Newsletter
The year 2012 has brought a lot of progress as well as challenges.We have identified many of our weaknesses as well as opportunities for improvement and  expansion. Throughout the year we have really pushed to establish a presence on social networks, find out our  customers most pressing needs and seek to satisfy these needs.

Social Networking

Networking remains a very important part of our business. A large portion of our customers are referred to us so we take great care to reach out to existing and potential customers. We would like to have more interaction and will be increasingly active in social networking in 2013. Connect with us:

Official Facebook PageTwitter PageGoogle + PageLinkedin PageEmail Us

Things to come

In 2013 look out for an a more extensive range of services offered by SeizerStyle Designs. We will be offering more services associated with website design and website hosting and digital marketing. As usual we look forward to collaborating with any partners for the mutual benefit of our customers, partners and ourselves. We also plan to launch our Hustle Forever project with more information on that to come later.

Happy New Year

We would like to wish all customers, fans and readers a very prosperous 2013. We are grateful for your support and continued interest. Let us continue improving in 2013.

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Tech Tip: Save money by buying Kindle version of books

Kindle AppIf you do not have a problem reading electronic copies of books you can save a lot of money by purchasing electronic copies of books instead of hard copies. Amazon  offers free Kindle Reading apps for various devices and platforms. You can read Kindle  versions of books on a computer (Windows or Mac), smartphone (Android, iPhone & iPod Touch , Windows Phone, Blackberry) tablets (iPad, Android tablet, Windows 8) and of course one of Amazon’s various commercial  Kindle devices. You can also access books via a regular browser using the Kindle Cloud Reader.

Kindle versions of books are a great option if you are going to school or want instant access to books without the hassles and costs of shipping. I was able to purchase a Kindle version of a text book for $7 USD when the paperback was priced at about $78 USD (before shipping). The Kindle reading app is similar to  Adobe Reader used to view PDFs and other electronic book readers you may be accustomed to. It allows you to copy text, highlight and add notes. An Amazon account is required to use the Kindle apps.

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2013 Calendar Series: Calendar 4 – Kurtia’s Babysitting Services

2013 Calendar - KBSIt might be a little late to wish everyone a Merry Christmas but you can surely get ready for the New Year with our fourth 2013 calendar. This calendar for Kurtia’s Babysitting Services conveniently features an area on the right for you to write down any notes. Each month is printed on a separate sheet with public holidays in Dominica highlighted in red. Download, use and send us your feedback.

Download 2013 Calendar – Kurtia’s Babysitting Services

This calendar fits on 12 US letter sized pages in landscape orientation (11? x 8.5?). The electronic copy is a PDF that contains all 12 months.

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2013 Calendar Series: Calendar 3 – Horizon

2013 Calendar - HorizonCalendar 3 in our growing collection of 2013 Calendars is called “Horizon”. It features a scenic view of the Caribbean sea touching the sky in the background. This background picture was taken from the village of St. Joseph in Dominica. This is another patriotic calendar which includes a list of all Dominica’s public holidays for the year 2013. Use this calender to remind you of the beauty that the Nature Isle has to offer.

Download 2013 Calendar Horizon

This calendar fits on one US letter sized page in landscape orientation (11″ x 8.5″). The electronic copy is a 1650px x 1275px jpeg.

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2013 Calendar Series: Calendar 2 – Warm Regards

2013 Calendar - Warm RegardsThe second calendar in our 2013 series is named “warm regards”. This calender features warm colors and a dark textured background. All of Dominica’s 2013 public holidays are listed to the left of the calendar. Lunar cycles are indicated next to their corresponding dates. Feel free to download, print or redistribute this calendar.

Download 2013 Calendar Warm Regards

This calendar fits on one US letter sized page in landscape orientation (11″ x 8.5″). The electronic copy is a 1650px x 1275px jpeg.

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Tech Tip: Update Windows programs with FileHippo Update Checker

FileHippo Update CheckerIt can be a task to keep all the programs on your Windows computer updated. Allowing programs to automatically update themselves may slow down your computer start up time and hog system resources. Not updating software can make your computer vulnerable to security exploits fixed in newer versions or leave you without the new features of the updated software.

If you would like to update your Windows programs manually but want to easily see which programs are outdated you can try FileHippo’s Update Checker. You simply download the program and it scans your installed programs notifying you of those that are outdated afterwards. The Update Checker directs you to FileHippo’s website where the version  information of outdated software is presented along with the version information of the latest available versions. You can then download the latest version directly from FileHippo’s website or search for it from each individual software vendor’s website if you prefer.

Since the FileHippo Update Checker only scans for programs in the FileHippo repository it may not detect all outdated software on your computer. It is also not a replacement for Windows Update which every Windows user should run regularly to stay updated with security updates from Microsoft. The Update Checker scans the programs installed on your computer and reports it back to the FileHippo website too provide you with the available updates so only use it if you are comfortable with this behaviour.

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Tech Tip: Switch from Windows Live Messenger to Skype

Windows Live Messenger to SkypeIn case you haven’t heard, Windows Live Messenger is being retired and Microsoft is urging its users to switch to Skype. The instant messaging client that rose to popularity as MSN Messenger is due to be shut down in March 2013 everywhere except China (BBC News). As an alternative Microsoft is urging its users to switch to Skype – an instant messaging client from a company Microsoft bought in May 2011. Skype is more popular for its video calling and VOIP capabilities than it is for instant messaging though.

Windows Live Messenger retiring
You are greeted with the message above on the official Windows Live Messenger homepage.

If you are still using Windows Live Messenger now may be a good time to give Skype a try. After you have downloaded the latest version of Skype there is an option of the sign in screen to sign in with your Microsoft account. when you sign in all your Windows Live Messenger contacts will be automatically imported for you so you can start using Skype right away.

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