10 Year Anniversary Facebook Cover Images

Design of the week (June 8 – 14, 2014)

SSD 10 Year Facebook Cober Image

nathvibe 10 Year Facebook Cober Image

SeizerStyle Designs began operating in June 2004, about a month before Facebook was founded. Since then the popularity of Facebook as a social networking website has skyrocketed and it is an important part of the social marketing strategies of many companies. To celebrate our 10 year anniversary we have created 2 imacommemorative Facebook cover images.

The SeizerStyle Designs cover image stresses the brand and function of SeizerStyle Designs splattered with a little colour. This warm image is ideal for summer and the green bands remind of the environmental responsibility of the brand. The nathvibe cover image emphasizes a few brands and logos that SeizerStyle Designs has created over the years.

Nathan Vidal

I am a website and graphic designer interested in technology sports and music.

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