Tech Tip: Use Two Factor Authentication for more secure logins

By Nathan Vidal,

2 Factor Authentication

Two Factor AuthenticationTwo factor authentication is a form of multi-factor authentication that requires two distinct forms of identification before a user is granted access to something. Banks require an ATM card in addition to a specific pin before allowing customers access to their accounts at the ATM. Some websites also offer the option of using  multi-factor authentication  to log in and access your account. One of the most common forms of  login via two factor authentication involves using a password and a  code sent to a phone via SMS.

If you are concerned about your passwords ever being stolen or someone guessing what it is you can use two factor authentication as an added layer of security. This is especially important for banking and other financial sites where monetary damages can be caused by a malicious user with access to your account. You can find out if the service you use supports two factor authentication by checking this list. If the service you use supports two factor authentication you may have to activate it in the service’s settings.



Multi-factor Authentication
Two Factor Auth (2FA)

SeizerStyle Designs November 2014 Promotional Poster

By Nathan Vidal,

Design of the week (November 2 – 8, 2014)  SeizerStyle Designs  November 2014 Promotional Poster

SeizerStyle Designs November 2014 Poster

This promotional poster brings the services that SeizerStyle Designs offers to the forefront. Placed on a scenic landscape background, each service is housed in its own circle with emphasis on website design services. These circles join to each other displaying the integrated nature of the services SeizerStyle Designs offers.  The design  also brings back the iconic green bands that have been associated with the brand before to symbolize environmental awareness.

Tech Tip: Use browser history to find forgotten websites

By Nathan Vidal,

Tech Tip: Use browser history

Tech Tip: Use HistoryHave you ever wanted to visit a site that you recently visited but could  not remember the address and did not bookmark it or add it to your favorites? It may have been an interesting article you ran across in a rush or an ad for a product you have been interested in for a long time. You may want to search for the website but if you cannot remember enough details this may be a difficult task. A better option may be to search your history for the previous website. If you know when you were on the page you can narrow down your search even more. Here is how you access your history in various browsers:

Google Chrome

  • Press Ctrl+H to open your History or
  • Type chrome://history in the address bar (omnibox) and press Enter or
  • Click on the Customize Menu button  in the toolbar then click on History

Mozilla Firefox

  • Press Ctrl + H to open your History in the sidebar
  • Click on the Menu button and click on the History button

Internet Explorer

  •  Press Ctrl + H to open your History in the sidebar
  • Click on the Favorites button in the toolbar then choose the History tab in the sidebar

SeizerStyle Designs Newsletter: October 2014

By Nathan Vidal,

October 2014 Newsletter

Happy Creole Day and Happy Independence to all our clients celebrating Dominica’s 36th Anniversary of Independence. This festive season reminds us of the freedoms we enjoy and the uniting power of a diverse but shared culture. SeizerStyle Designs serves a diverse audience and we too would like to share in the festivities with a special offer for our graphic and website design clients throughout the month of November. Before we get into that though, let’s discuss ways to improve your social media presence and analyse your website’s performance using analytical tools.

Boost your presence on Social Media

Boost Social Media PresenceThere are many ways to connect with your target audience but social media is one of the most popular ways of consuming content online. We have already explained why you should have your own website instead of depending solely on social media, but there are benefits of using social networks to complement your other marketing tools. Here are a few reasons why businesses and organizations need to embrace social media:

  • You can interact with your audience where they hang out
  • Offers customers more options for contacting you
  • You can take advantage of each social media site’s specific features
  • Your content becomes easy to share and “like”
  • Drives traffic back to your website

Bearing this in mind, we offer many options for integrating social media not only with your website but also with your graphic design jobs. Content from your website can be posted to the social media sites of your choice so you get the best of both worlds. Your social media accounts can also be promoted on other business material both digitally and printed.

Know your Stats

Know Your StatsWebsite statistics may sound boring but it is an essential part of analysing the performance of your website. Chances are that you may also discover interesting information about the type of people that visit your website and how they interact with it. Knowing how many visitors you get in a certain period helps you to  identify the reach of your website and what needs to be improved. You can also gather information about the operating system, type of browser or screen size that visitors to your website use.

Another important bit of information that can be gathered from website statistics is which sites send visitors to your website. These referral statistics allow you to analyse where the traffic to your website is coming from. Do most visitors enter your website directly or via a link on Google or some other website? All of this information and more can be used to analyse your website and modify it accordingly.

SeizerStyle Designs uses Google Analytics to collect statistics about our client’s website visitors in accordance with each client’s privacy policy and/or terms of services. Contact us to find out more about the statistics available to our website design customers.


Special Offer: 36% Off Graphics & Websites throughout November

2014 Independence Sale

If you have been thinking of developing a website or need any graphics designed for print or web then November is the month to place your order. This Independence sale offers a 36% discount on web and graphic design jobs. This is a great opportunity to get your customized calendars designed or create a website.





SeizerStyle Designs 2014 Independence Sale

By Nathan Vidal,

2014 Independence Sale

Design of the week (October 26 – November 1, 2014)  SeizerStyle Designs 2014 Independence Sale Ad

2014 Independence Sale Ad

In commemoration of Dominica’s 36th Independence celebration SeizerStyle Designs is offering a 36% discount on all website and graphic designs throughout the month of November. To bring this message out our 2014 Independence Sale Ad has a madras backdrop with our special offers logo at the centre of the design. The different details about the sale are then dispersed in the 4 quadrants of the design. To find out more about this sale feel free to contact us.


Tech Tip: Add album art to your digital music files

By Nathan Vidal,

Album Art

Album art may seem trivial to some but these pictures add life and colour to a digital music collection. Modern media players can display this album art while the song is playing and some can even download the correct album art for you. If you pay a lot of attention to your music library or are a musician/artist you may want to manually add album art to your music files. Artists can benefit from including album art in their songs since it helps promote their album or single. It provides a visual representation of who or what the song is about and indicates a certain level of professionalism.

Adding Album Art in iTunes

  1. Right click on the song/songs you would like to add album art to.
  2. Click on Get Info.
  3. Click the Artwork button
  4. Click the Add Artwork button

Album Art in iTunes

Adding Album Art in Windows Media Player

  1. Find the image you would like to use as album art and copy it
  2. Go to album view in your Windows Media Player Library
  3. Right click on the album cover you would like to change
  4. Click Paste album art

Album Art: Windows Media Player


For more information on adding album art to your music files, including specific programs you can use, check out this article from Richard Farrar – Embedding Album Art in MP3 Files.


Add or change album art in Windows Media Player

Embedding Album Art in MP3 Files



SeizerStyle Designs 2015 Calendar – Triple Threat

By Nathan Vidal,

2015 Calendar - Triple Threat

Design of the week (October 19 – 25, 2014)  SeizerStyle Designs 2015 Triple Threat Calendar

SSD 2015 Calendar - Triple Threat

Armed with a triple threat of website design, graphic design, and digital marketing solutions SeizerStyle Designs is determined to be relevant throughout 2015 with a brand new calendar. This calendar highlights the public holidays in Dominica for 2015 and conveniently provides various options for contacting SeizerStyle Designs if you are interested in any of our services. This calendar uses colour variations and subtle design elements to break up the monotony of a text heavy calendar design.

Design type: Calendar

Client: SeizerStyle Designs

Designer: Nathan Vidal

Tech Tip: qBittorrent – a minimalist BitTorrent client

By Nathan Vidal,

QBittorent Screenshot

qBittorent logoBitTorrent is a popular method of peer-to-peer filesharing that allows you to download a single file from multiple sources. This is great for downloading large files since downloads can be paused and resumed. Torrents also help reduce the load on servers since files are downloaded from other peers rather than from a single website.

In order to download files via BitTorrent you need a BitTorrent client that acts as a download manager for torrents. qBittorent is a simple client that is similar to another lightweight and popular BitTorrent client – µTorrent . qBittorent is however touted for not including “bloat” or unnecessary features that other clients may provide out of the box. If you are looking for a small but useful BitTorrent client you can download qBittorrent for Windows or Mac.

Ponder Pocket logo

By Nathan Vidal,

Ponder Pocket Logo Featured

Design of the week (October 12 – October 18, 2014)Ponder Pocket logo

The Ponder Pocket logo was designed to accompany the previously mentioned Ponder Pocket social website that allows users to express their thoughts online. The design concept was largely the idea of the client and the execution was a result of stepwise refinement through communication. The warm orange and yellow logos invite participation while the pocket with a flap open is symbolic of the company name and purpose. A grayscale version of the logo allows it to be used in low color situation without tarnishing the brand identity.

Design type: Logo

Client: Ponder Pocket

Designer: Nathan Vidal

Mad A Way, Sick A Way mixtape cover art

By Nathan Vidal,

Mad A Way, Sick A Way

Design of the week (October 5 – October 11, 2014)

Mad A Way, Sick A Way Mixtape

Music is a powerful force and more and more artists are producing music independently and marketing it online. SeizerStyle Designs recognizes the need for strong brand recognition and consistently creative designs to promote singles, mixtapes and albums. The “Mad A Way, Sick A Way Mixtape” cover art featured here is the ideal example of conceptual design merging seamlessly with sponsorship requirements.

The piercing eyes included in this predominantly red design immediately indicates that the content of this mixtape is no laughing matter. Traditional fonts are bypassed for the edgier and more expressive fonts that bring the title to life. Logos of the brands associated with the mixtape are predominantly displayed at the bottom of the design.

This concept art was designed to demonstrate how SeizerStyle Designs can help artists and musicians promote their music with professional looking graphics. Wherever you distribute your music the visual aspect of it must not be ignored. Interesting cover art can captivate an audience and encourage them to spend a little more time listening to your music. To find out more about our offerings for artists and musicians please contact us.

Design type: Conceptual Cover Art

Client: SeizerStyle Designs

Designer: Nathan Vidal