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Tech Tip: Add album art to your digital music files

Album art may seem trivial to some but these pictures add life and colour to a digital music collection. Modern media players can display this album art while the song is playing and some can even download the correct album art for you

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Mad A Way, Sick A Way mixtape cover art

Music is a powerful force and more and more artists are producing music independently and marketing it online. SeizerStyle Designs recognizes the need for strong brand recognition and consistently creative designs to promote singles, mixtapes and albums.

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Tech Tip: Modify laptop power settings for longer battery life

Gone are the days of the domination of desktop computers as laptop and mobile computing has become more popular than their predecessor. One of the main advantages of a laptop is that you can use it on the go and it’s battery life determines how long this convenience can last without needing an external power source.

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SeizerStyle Designs Newsletter: September 2014

The last quarter of the year is when many businesses want to finish the calendar year strong and get ready for the holiday season. SeizerStyle Designs is no exception and we want to help other small businesses promote their products and services effectively.

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Ponder Pocket website

Ponder Pocket is a website designed for sharing thoughts and expressing yourself in a safe environment.


Tech Tip: VLC media player plays various video formats

When it comes to playing videos on your computer VLC media player is a popular option due to its wide support for various video formats out of the box. Unlike other media players, including those that come bundled with your computer, it can play most common digital video formats without the need to download additional video codecs.