Give yourself the exclusive

By Nathan Vidal,

Make your website #1

Exclusive IconIn this digital age there are so many outlets to spread your marketing message that it can be overwhelming. You want your message to reach your target audience so it is likely that it will be distributed via various channels – word of mouth, your website, radio, television and social media. You have to be careful with your integrated marketing communication though, to ensure that you are not undermining your official channels of distribution in an attempt to increase reach of your message.

Make your website the official source of information

If you have a website it should be the official source of information, news and updates about your products or services. This may seem trivial but it is important for both the value and integrity of your website. If more information about your business or organization is available from external sources there is no real incentive to visit your website. This problem is even worst if external websites break news about your business or organization before your website does.

Use other outlets to drive traffic to your website

External sources should drive traffic to your website, not take traffic from it. Use your website as the official place where information is disseminated from. Press releases and news can be posted on your website and then disseminated to other sources. These sources can even link back to the official website to show the authenticity of the information and prove that it is credible. You can also disseminate  a summarized version of information to external outlets with a link for full details on your business or organization’s website.

For example, when a new article is posted on your website you can also post it on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This will not post the entire article but will post a link to it so your fans/followers can find further details on your website. This way you can reach your audience on social media sites which you do not control while still having full control over your website.

At the end of the day your website is one of your brand’s most valuable assets. If you utilize it properly you can reap returns on this investment. This will not be possible if your website is stagnant or treated as an afterthought.Maximize the usefulness of your website by giving yourself the exclusive before disseminating your content via other channels.


SeizerStyle Designs Newsletter: November 2014

By Nathan Vidal,

SeizerStyle Designs November 2014 Newsletter

As we gear up for the holiday season and reflect on the fast concluding year, SeizerStyle Designs would like to show appreciation to all our customers, fans and followers. We believe in dreams and that we all have the potential to achieve our dreams no matter how difficult they may seem. One of our dreams is to see Dominica have a thriving internet community for both business and social use. Part of that dream involves getting Dominican businesses and organizations online and making them more accessible.

OnlineYour online presence matters

People are online more now than ever before. The internet is where we search for information, shop, and stay in touch with others. As a business or organization your online presence can positively complement your physical location. It has the potential to reach a global audience that you otherwise would not reach. You can generate interest in your services and products and interact with others in many different ways.

You need to be in control of your brand’s online reputation as much as possible. This can be done by being your brand’s own official advocate. If you don’t someone else could be writing your brand’s story for you and it may not be the story you want. Websites, social media profiles and online communication are a few ways that you can make your online presence felt.

Holiday season marketing

Bargain Special OfferThis time of year is one of the busiest for commercial activity. With Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas all within a short span of time consumers are looking for deals. Businesses are also looking to grab the attention of customers. This highly competitive period means that your marketing strategy has to be executed well in order to grab the attention of busy and overwhelmed consumers. What makes you stand out from the competition? What deals are you offering? Our marketing services can help you to decide the right platforms and promotional messages to reach your target audience.

Free calendars for SeizerStyle Designs clients

Calendars 2015

This year we are going to be giving out free printed calendars to our clients as a symbol of appreciation and to showcase how design can be practically used. Each year we design a set of digital calendars which are free to download and use but this is the first year that we will actually be distributing printed versions of our calendars. These simple one page calendars are easy to stick up on a wall or on a desk and contain the contact information for SeizerStyle Designs making us that much easier to find.



Tech Tip: Manage Context Menus with CCleaner

By Nathan Vidal,

Tech Tip: MAnage Context Menus with CCleaner

CCleaner logoContext menus are those handy menus that pop up when you right click on Windows or control-click on a Mac. The content of these menus are specific to the area that is clicked and programs you install may modify the menu items that pop up in the context menu. While this might be useful, your context menu may become cluttered with menu items you do not use or no longer need. You can use CCleaner to help manage your context menu by deleting or disabling menu items.

  1. Download the free version of  CCleaner and install it
  2. Start CCleaner and click on the Tools tab
  3. From the Tools area choose the Startup menu
  4. In the top tabs select the Context Menu tab
  5. Select the context menu item you want to modify
  6. Use the buttons on the left to Enable, Disable or Delete the context menu item

Isle Cloud 2014 Black Friday Special Ad

By Nathan Vidal,

Isle Cloud 2014 Black Friday Special

Design of the week (November 23 –  29, 2014)

ISle Cloud Black Friday 2014 Sale


To celebrate Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday Isle Cloud is offering 20% off all sign ups for website hosting from Thursday November 27 to Monday December 1 inclusive. Isle Cloud is a subsidiary of SeizerStyle Designs with its own individual identity and branding. As such, this advertisement  alludes to exactly what the company does with a server rack in the background of the design. The special offer is highlighted at the top of the ad with details following. The Isle Cloud logo is flanked by a call to action and a decorative description of the reason for the special offer.

Design type: Static Ad

Client: Isle Cloud

Designer: Nathan Vidal

Tech Tip: Time Tracking with Toggl

By Nathan Vidal,

Tech Tip: Toggl

Toggl IconKeeping track of time spent on projects is useful if you charge clients by the hour or simply want to measure your productivity. You want your system of time tracking to be both accurate and easy to use – allowing you to go ‘off the clock’ when personal interruptions occur or you just need a break. We have already given the run down on using Yast to track time spent on projects, but you can also use another service called Toggl.

Toggl has a very simple interface where you can describe the task, select the project it falls under and even associate the project with  a client. You can start using Toggl as soon as you log in or set up your projects, clients and team before you start using the web application. You can also download the Toggl Desktop app for either Windows or Mac to use the time management features without having to use the Toggl website.

Toggl Interface

Toggl user interface

Although Toggl is free you can purchase a subscription to access additional features so you can set your billable rate, set a bigger team size and view rounding and decimal figures in reports.

Tech Tip: Check when you last restarted Windows

By Nathan Vidal,

Tech Tip: Find Uptime

Tech Tip: UptimeIf you keep your PC on for long periods or make it hibernate instead of shut down you may lose track of when last you restarted Windows. If you are curious and want to know when last Windows was restarted you can do so using the command line.

  1. Press Windows Key  + R to open the run dialog box
  2. Type cmd and press Enter
  3. In the command line type net stats srv and press Enter
  4. The line that starts “Statistics since” will indicate the last time Windows was restarted


How to find Windows uptime? – Microsoft Support

nathvibe 2015 Shockwave Calendar

By Nathan Vidal,

nathvibe 2015 calendar - Shockwave

Design of the week (November 9 – 15, 2014)  nathvibe 2015 Shockwave Calendar

nathvibe 2015 Calendar - Shockwave

This calendar successfully merges the simplistic nature of the nathvibe brand with its edgy more unpredictable side. Using a colour scheme based on the logo of the brand and a high contrast design, this calendar is easy to read while separating the year into distinct thirds. This is an example of displaying personality in a calendar where design elements intentionally overpower descriptive text.

Design type: Calendar

Client: nathvibe

Designer: Nathan Vidal

Tech Tip: Use Two Factor Authentication for more secure logins

By Nathan Vidal,

2 Factor Authentication

Two Factor AuthenticationTwo factor authentication is a form of multi-factor authentication that requires two distinct forms of identification before a user is granted access to something. Banks require an ATM card in addition to a specific pin before allowing customers access to their accounts at the ATM. Some websites also offer the option of using  multi-factor authentication  to log in and access your account. One of the most common forms of  login via two factor authentication involves using a password and a  code sent to a phone via SMS.

If you are concerned about your passwords ever being stolen or someone guessing what it is you can use two factor authentication as an added layer of security. This is especially important for banking and other financial sites where monetary damages can be caused by a malicious user with access to your account. You can find out if the service you use supports two factor authentication by checking this list. If the service you use supports two factor authentication you may have to activate it in the service’s settings.



Multi-factor Authentication
Two Factor Auth (2FA)

SeizerStyle Designs November 2014 Promotional Poster

By Nathan Vidal,

Design of the week (November 2 – 8, 2014)  SeizerStyle Designs  November 2014 Promotional Poster

SeizerStyle Designs November 2014 Poster

This promotional poster brings the services that SeizerStyle Designs offers to the forefront. Placed on a scenic landscape background, each service is housed in its own circle with emphasis on website design services. These circles join to each other displaying the integrated nature of the services SeizerStyle Designs offers.  The design  also brings back the iconic green bands that have been associated with the brand before to symbolize environmental awareness.

Tech Tip: Use browser history to find forgotten websites

By Nathan Vidal,

Tech Tip: Use browser history

Tech Tip: Use HistoryHave you ever wanted to visit a site that you recently visited but could  not remember the address and did not bookmark it or add it to your favorites? It may have been an interesting article you ran across in a rush or an ad for a product you have been interested in for a long time. You may want to search for the website but if you cannot remember enough details this may be a difficult task. A better option may be to search your history for the previous website. If you know when you were on the page you can narrow down your search even more. Here is how you access your history in various browsers:

Google Chrome

  • Press Ctrl+H to open your History or
  • Type chrome://history in the address bar (omnibox) and press Enter or
  • Click on the Customize Menu button  in the toolbar then click on History

Mozilla Firefox

  • Press Ctrl + H to open your History in the sidebar
  • Click on the Menu button and click on the History button

Internet Explorer

  •  Press Ctrl + H to open your History in the sidebar
  • Click on the Favorites button in the toolbar then choose the History tab in the sidebar