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SeizerStyle Designs Newsletter: 2014 March

SeizerStyle Designs Newsletter

SeizerStyle Designs Newsletter

March 2014

Customer CentricMarch has been a busy month  working on client projects and a month where a lot has been revealed. SeizerStyle Designs strives to be a very approachable and customer centric company and is always looking at ways of improving your experience with us. To do so we are taking a number of steps to improve our lines of communication with clients and potential clients.

Contact Us

Email ClientsIf you need to contact SeizerStyle Designs there are numerous ways to do so. You can contact us by phone call, text message, Skype video call or email. You can also contact us via our various social media accounts such as and Twitter. There is also always the option to organize a meeting. We recognize schedules may be demanding and everyone has a preferred means of making contact so the option is yours.

Making Your Website Better

WebsitesDesigning your website is a great start to establishing your online identity. It provides an easy way  for others to find out about your business or organization and allows you the control of disseminating information. A website is only as good as it’s content though, and keeping your content relevant and updated is a major part of creating a successful online identity.

SeizerStyle Designs can either update and maintain your website for you or train you to do it yourself. We also offer many marketing services to help your website reach your target audience.

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