Tech Tip: Search for Coupons before making online purchases

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Everyone wants to save money but special offers are not always that obvious. The internet is a great place to find legitimate coupons and special offers for online shopping – if you are willing to do a little searching. This is true for website hosting and domain name registration but also for purchasing  other consumer goods. Here are a few sites that can help narrow down your search for bargains.

Coupons & Cash Back


This site offers a wide variety of coupons from popular stores. The site offers apps for Android and iOS and you can subscribe to have coupons emailed to you. You can also sign up to the site for a more personalized experience.

Giving Assistant

Giving Assistant offers cash back and discount codes for many popular online stores. It also allows you to donate your cash back to various charities if you so desire.


Although not a coupon site Google is such a powerful search engine that you can find coupons for almost any product by appending the word “coupon” to the search term for the company or product you seeking.

Browser Extensions


Honey is a browser extension that attempts to make it easier to find deals. You give the extension permission to access the websites that you visit and if it finds any deals it will notify you of them. This can be a convenient solution which does not require you to visit a separate site and search for the deals yourself.

Amazon Assistant

Amazon Assistant is a browser extension that helps you find deals on Amazon. As a bonus it also helps you keep track of your Amazon order delivery updates.

Last Updated on November 4, 2020 by Nathan Vidal

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