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Tech Tip: qBittorrent – a minimalist BitTorrent client

QBittorent Screenshot

qBittorent logoBitTorrent is a popular method of peer-to-peer filesharing that allows you to download a single file from multiple sources. This is great for downloading large files since downloads can be paused and resumed. Torrents also help reduce the load on servers since files are downloaded from other peers rather than from a single website.

In order to download files via BitTorrent you need a BitTorrent client that acts as a download manager for torrents. qBittorent is a simple client that is similar to another lightweight and popular BitTorrent client – µTorrent . qBittorent is however touted for not including “bloat” or unnecessary features that other clients may provide out of the box. If you are looking for a small but useful BitTorrent client you can download qBittorrent for Windows or Mac.

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