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Tech Tip: Add album art to your digital music files

Album Art

Album art may seem trivial to some but these pictures add life and colour to a digital music collection. Modern media players can display this album art while the song is playing and some can even download the correct album art for you. If you pay a lot of attention to your music library or are a musician/artist you may want to manually add album art to your music files. Artists can benefit from including album art in their songs since it helps promote their album or single. It provides a visual representation of who or what the song is about and indicates a certain level of professionalism.

Adding Album Art in iTunes

  1. Right click on the song/songs you would like to add album art to.
  2. Click on Get Info.
  3. Click the Artwork button
  4. Click the Add Artwork button

Album Art in iTunes

Adding Album Art in Windows Media Player

  1. Find the image you would like to use as album art and copy it
  2. Go to album view in your Windows Media Player Library
  3. Right click on the album cover you would like to change
  4. Click Paste album art

Album Art: Windows Media Player


For more information on adding album art to your music files, including specific programs you can use, check out this article from Richard Farrar – Embedding Album Art in MP3 Files.


Add or change album art in Windows Media Player

Embedding Album Art in MP3 Files



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